Ask Candy: I Want To Lease An Apartment or Condo in Dallas, Where Shall I Look?

This is one of the sweetest emails I have received in ages:

Dear Candy,

Read ALL your blogs and love them. Question: I am a widower who has fallen in love with a beautiful woman in Austin who has been single for years. I live in Park City, Utah. Both our homes are on the market so we can move in togther (shhh, don’t tell our kids) and we have decided on Dallas. Now her home has a contract on it and closes in about a month. Mine might take longer to sell. Can you tell me where we can find a great one bedroom apartment with covered, preferably underground parking (we have nice cars) in a great neighborhood for about $1000 to $1200 a month? Is this even possible in Dallas? We’d like to be in the Loop — south of LBJ. I haven’t lived in Dallas in ages and don’t know the neighborhoods anymore but feel like you and your readers can help. Ultimately we will buy a home in Dallas but must rent until my house sells. I am also building a home in College Station. Thanks!

Hmm. Where to send them. Downtown? Uptown? Certainly not ear SMU — ideas?

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