Don’t Get Screwed on Your Next Real Estate Deal: Clay Stapp & Co Celebrates, Really Really Celebrates Dallas Real Estate

This is the new breed of tech savvy Realtor ‚Äî excuse me, iRealtor ‚Äî and I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the Clay Stapp style is shaking things up in this town. They do contracts on ipads. They promote properties elusively on the web, they twitter, tweet, blog, Facebook, Four-Square, Digg, AIM, everything. It‚Äôs a whole new way of connecting to sell homes. And Thursday night, Clay Stapp & Co celebrated with throngs of fun at their 1933 Cedar Springs office, a few blocks from the Crescent. So much partying, in fact, that the unique Uptown real estate boutique firm handed out goodie bags loaded with issues of Modern Luxury Dallas, coupons, water, lollipops and — yep — bright orange condoms.

Clay is a brilliant marketer, but I think he could score big points right now with those condoms: send them to the Sperminator: Arnold’s eyes may be getting a little old.

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