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Due to solid public and private leadership, Dallas Parks have seen amazing growth in the last couple of decades. During this exciting period in modern urban history, parks have gone from being nonexistent in downtown Dallas and in the far reaches of the city edge to becoming major economic engines for the urban fabric throughout.

This renaissance has been brought about by forward-thinking municipal officials, public-private partnerships such as the Dallas Park Foundation, Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation (WRPF), and other resourceful groups.

Where will Dallas Parks go in the next 20 years? Join the Dallas Architecture Forum to learn and discuss more on this important topic at a panel discussion moderated by Lois Finkelman, former Board Chair of both the Dallas Park Board and the National Park and Recreation Association (NPRA), as well as city council member.



Dallas Architecture Forum

All photos: Dallas Park & Recreation Department

It’s not widely known by the residents, but the city of Dallas offers one of the best hike and bike trail systems in the United States. From White Rock Lake to Katy Trail, people have a plethora of outdoor options available to them.

Dallas Architecture Forum

Moderator Willis Winters

Join the Dallas Architecture Forum for a panel discussion next Monday, Dallas Trails and Bicycle Initiatives: Past, Present, Future.

The results of a citizen survey, conducted in 2002 as part of the Department’s Renaissance Plan, found trail development to be one of the highest priorities for Dallas residents. In response, in 2005 the Park and Recreation Department created the Trail Network Master Plan, a plan that outlined a 287-mile trail network throughout the city of Dallas.

In the 11 years since the plan was adopted, the city has added 90 miles of trails and now has 153 miles in its network thanks to the help of city, county, and private supporters. What is the vision for the future of Dallas trails and how will it impact life and living in this city?

The event on Nov. 21 opens the 2016-2017 Dallas Architecture Forum Panel Discussion Series, moderated by Willis Winters, Director of Dallas Park and Recreation Department. Panels are offered at no charge to both DAF members and to the general public as a public outreach of the Forum.