Is there a better way to honor the original bad boy of Dallas than to don a Stetson and some Lucchese boots while showing some of the city’s best properties tomorrow? I couldn’t think of one, either.

The idea came from Scott Carlson, who sent us this note:

March 11 is officially declared as “Larry Hagman Day.” The People have spoken. The mayor of Dallas has been requested to issue a Proclamation declaring it official.

Let’s get the word out and have FUN… Post on Facebook, Tweet, Radio and news station.

Wear your cowboy boots and hats to honor the man Larry Hagman and the legend J.R. Ewing.

“He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented” – Linda Gary

Larry loved to have fun and especially loved wearing his cowboy hat… So, let’s join Larry and wear our cowboy hat this special day of celebration. Have fun sharing photos of you and your cowboy hat..

The date of March 11, 2013 was chosen because that is the date on which the current “Dallas” series on TNT will air the episode entitled “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” which is the J.R. Ewing funeral episode. On that date, legions of fans will both mourn the passing of Larry Hagman as well as celebrate his wonderful life.

Beloved by millions of fans, the man who embodied TV’s greatest villain, J.R. Ewing, was largely responsible for the success of the long-running hit TV series that generated worldwide publicity and recognition for its namesake city of Dallas. On this day we will celebrate the remembrance of the native Texas, actor, and a great friend to our city.

If you play along, send us photos of yourself clad in cowboy attire! And Happy Larry Hagman Day! To help celebrate, here’s a poem about J.R. from Scott:

J. R . THE Texan
Rich, smart, dashing.
Death and Life…. life and Death
A cycle ever more!
Transcendence here and there,
To the light …everywhere!
Dallas and the death of J.R.
and our beloved Sue Ellen!
The Life of Larry Hagman and
the Resurrection of a pained City.
Fun…BEAUTY….OIL, Wealth… And Texas Karma!!!!
An ICON to behold!
The Astronaut….with a Genie in a bottle.
And the biggest, best Oil Tycoon
with a mischievous heart.
Gratitude, Love and Blessing’s
To the soul and brilliance of a great being.
A true Texan with a yellow rose delight!
With a tip of our hat,
We say Goodbye and We Salute
…..A man named Larry Hagman
and a legend named … J. R . !!!!
-Scott F. Carlson

McKinney Condo Dallas, the smart and sexy continuation of the iconic prime time hit over on TNT, has been renewed for 2013 and we’re ecstatic. Not only do we love the show, (the original was the first ever television series to be distributed globally), we love what it means for Dallas real estate. Hey JR and the gang need somewhere to stay and really, even the Mansion can get old after a few weeks. Even Dallas oil magnates need some personal space!

A new listing just hit the market and we think it would be perfect for one of the young Ewing clan, Christopher to be specific. Christopher Ewing, the adopted son of Bobby and Pam is also the biological son of Sue Ellen’s long dead sister Kristen and remember SHE shot JR. For those of you living under a rock, Christopher is portrayed by the hunky Jesse Metcalfe, whom we lusted after on Desperate Housewives and will continue to lust after ‘till the next real estate boom.

McKinney Condo

So why is 4219 McKinney (# F) perfect for Jesse? It’s 3 stories of gorgeous, just about 2,800 square feet and the location is perfect. By the time shooting is in full swing Jesse can walk to Forty Five Ten for one of the most fashion-forward selections of men’s clothing in the country, grab tapas at Café Madrid or a lobster “shooter” at Abacus. He can also catch a yoga class at Karmany. Fabulous location aside, there are two features we love, love, love about this condo. The rooftop garden with a stunning view of Dallas is the absolute perfect place to throw an intimate little cast party. The present owners have created an oasis up there. And, drum-roll please, the shower! You could throw a party in this shower. You could shoot season two! It’s my dream shower, and I see a lot of showers. And I’ve calculated we spend almost as much time in the shower as we do in bed, almost. With three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, treetop views and amazing privacy for being in the middle of Dallas, it’s really a celebrity’s dream come true.

McKinney condo

McKinney Condo

As Jesse said on Access Hollywood, “Texas is my home away from home.”

Jesse, baby, 4219 McKinney is that home! And only for $499,000. God, at that price, you could almost have two.

These photos appear to be lifted straight from Paulette Greene’s listing for 2504 Beacon Crest Drive. Should the Dallas Morning News have credited the source?

I was reading an article on earlier today when I saw one of those teasers on the sidebar that said, “Check out this Plano mega-mansion featured on TNT’s reboot of ‘Dallas’.”

I had to click, of course, if not only because I am infatuated with the new “Dallas” cast, but I wanted to see if they had some cool photos outside of the ones you saw with your own eyes right here on

Well, they were the same ones, folks. I was kind of bummed! I wanted to see new shots, glamorous people, lights, camera, and action! There wasn’t any of that, and you know what else was missing? A link back to the listing, or any type of credit, for that matter.

So, while The Dallas Morning News is capitalizing on the hits that kind of slideshow will bring in, Ebby agent Paulette Greene won’t see any new traffic from it.

What do you think? Should the News have provided a link, or credit at least?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the relaunch of “Dallas” — TV show that was popular just about everywhere except Japan — will be on TNT come June 13. But if you have almost $4 million burning in your pocket and a hankering to own the home where J.R., Bobby, and the rest of the Ewing family had frequent screaming matches, drank themselves into oblivion, and sabotaged each other, this Willow Bend Country mansion is for you!

Seriously, this Plano home marketed by Ebby agent Paulette Greene is immaculate! Despite having a gusher in the backyard, there’s not a drop of oil anywhere at 2504 Beacon Crest Drive! The show’s fans will love checking out the digs where Larry Hagman and cast stepped foot, sat down, and poured themselves a Bourbon.


Here’s the rundown on the 1.36 acre property from

The home itself, built in 2000, offers over 11,000-square-feet of living space, with six bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, and is adorned in luxe touches and finishes throughout. Not a master suite, but a master wing features its own fireplace and his and hers baths, while a pair of master bedrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs, can be found on the premises. In the backyard, a cabana and full outdoor kitchen look out over a massive diving pool and a pool house that leads to a sunken tennis court.

This could be the perfect house for Pilar, amiright? Any takers?


Your home could be a star, wants to be a star, in fact, in the new TNT remake of the fabulous Dallas series. The show is fixin’ to air next year, which means it’s time for a casting call:

To submit your property, please email with “Dallas TV Series Locations” in the subject line.  Be sure to include your phone number, email and street address, along with photos, a brief description of the property, and why you’d like to participate.

Remember when I told you how you could make a bunch of money off of pimping your house? That time is now. So go ahead, get your house on the casting couch! Any suggestions? Send ’em my way!