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Think Your Home is Ready For Another Dose of Winter Weather? Think Again, Says Marc Kleinmann of Bauhaus Custom Homes

By Joanna England / January 2, 2014 / 10 Comments

Bauhaus Custom Homes are built on the premise of making energy efficiency stylish and modern. So when Icemaggedon came around earlier this month, folks with Bauhaus homes stayed cozy and warm in their homes despite electricity outages, while the rest of us without power froze our butts off.

I asked Marc Kleinmann, founder of Bauhaus Custom Homes — A CandysDirt.com Approved Builder — what materials and strategies homeowners can use when building and renovating their homes to prepare before the next freeze hits Dallas. Should they invest in radiant barriers? New windows? Kleinmann gives us the low-down on energy efficiency after the jump!

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House Candy: Dramatic Northaven Transformation. I Cannot Believe This Was Once an Ordinary Dallas Ranch

By Candy Evans / September 8, 2011 / 0 Comments

There is a town in Colorado — Trinidad — which is known as the sex-change capital of the world. If there were a town where we could send ordinary ranch homes to have major changes on the order of a sex change, it would be, I guess, Trinidad. I could not believe my eyes when I […]

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