It’s Labor Day and we are supposed to, you know, take it easy, courtesy of our employers.

But real estate never takes a break: we have to have a place to live, hang our hats, brush our teeth, rest our weary souls, or frolic. Even on Labor Day.

And what better place to rest and replenish your soul than Athens, Texas? It’s only 90 minutes east of Dallas.

I’m particularly fond of Athens and its people. Tell you a true story that happened right on this County Road 4805: I was looking for a ranch property, and I couldn’t find it. Kind of felt like I was driving in circles, so I pulled into a driveway, turned around, and retraced my driving.

Few minutes later I see a couple in a golf cart right behind me. People, I thought, terrific! I bet they know the ranch I’m looking for!

I stop and ask.

“Are you the one who just pulled into our driveway?” the woman asked me.

“Fraid I am,” I say, “sorry.”

“Oh that’s fine,” she said, “it’s just that we don’t get many visitors out here.”