No Matter How Small, Halloween is Perfect For Warm (and Spooky) Celebrations

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By Sarah Zubiate
Founder and Farmer at ZUBI’S

Who’s ready for Halloween? I absolutely love spooky and haunted spaces, and of course, a reason to throw a party!

In the initial phases of dating my now-husband, I inquired about throwing a Halloween party centered around the “Sleepy Hollow Trail” on our East Texas Ranch. This beautiful, 25-acre, wooded area is one of our property’s most iconic locations.

On a hot and sunny summer’s day, you can have a cool breeze thrust against your cheeks as you walk or ride down trails of perfectly planted pine trees (that go as far as the eye can see). We were even married underneath “Sarah’s Tree”, which is a magnificent, several hundred-year-old oak tree located within this fantastic space.

During our weekends at the ranch, we thoroughly enjoy riding through this magical trail and always get to see our lovely deer, mouflon rams, gemsbok antelope, or other species lurking in these trails. Can’t you see why it is a picturesque Halloween party location?

For our first Halloween party, dressed as Beauty and the Beast, we greeted approximately 150 of our loved ones and it was one killer bash! Two of our large tractors pulled kids and adults on large trailer beds out to our spooky, majestic Sleepy Hollow trail.

Upon arrival, kids flooded the different trick or treat stations. The party included pumpkin carving, a live band, zip lining, apple bobbing stations and even some guided horse-riding for kids and adults. Per usual, we ended the night with hours of karaoke after the kiddos went to sleep and the band went home.

This year, we will stick to trick or treating in our Dallas neighborhood and will surround ourselves with our Quarantine Crew. Oh! And I’ll certainly be making a version of some persimmon cocktails and some of these jello shot syringes for the kiddos and adults! To help you keep it simple, if that’s what your Halloween is about this year, I’ve listed two of my all-time favorite Jello shots below. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smiling faces of our loved ones. I refuse to let 2020 dim my memories and future party planning for 2021.  How are you staying safe during this Creepy COVID chaos?

Howdy, Jolly Rancher

After you dissolve the Mellon Jello in 1 cup of boiling water, use a half cup of Tito’s or Belvedere Vodka and a half cup of Apple Pucker Liquor!

The Real “Red Rum”

After you dissolve the Strawberry Banana Jello in 1 cup of boiling water, use a half cup of Dark Pilar Rum and a half cup of Triple Sec. This is heaven!

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