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Great news from the post-hurricane Texas Coastal Bend region: Luxury vacation rental community Cinnamon Shore in Port Aransas on Mustang Island reports record sales of $20 million in the fourth quarter of 2017, despite the ravages of Category Four Hurricane Harvey earlier this year. See the story today on

One of the first hit areas when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas was Port Aransas, home to Cinnamon Shore, a luxury vacation rental community we’ve been following for several years now.

For an update on conditions there, we checked in with Jeff Lamkin, Cinnamon Shore’s developer. Port Aransas is still in need of funds and cleanup help, but officials there say one of the best things people can do for the community is to visit as a tourist. Cinnamon Shore fared better than you might think, and offers a pleasant option for fall and winter vacations.

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Cinnamon Shore pool

Port Aransas is hot and getting hotter says Valerie Jarvie in her latest dispatch on This Texas Gulf Coast town is home to Cinnamon Shore, a beachside community that will be home to the first-ever Texas Monthly Magazine charity showhouse.

The home, designed by top architects in the Gulf Coast vernacular and built by some of the best in the business, is sure to capture your attention. They just broke ground on it, and come May and August of 2017 you can tour it yourself!

Notably, this is the third showhouse in Cinnamon Shore, so it’s no wonder that this development is sought after by both builders and vacationers. See what they’re raving about over on!



Mustang 4

I love Port Aransas and Rockport, but am just now getting to know Corpus Christi. Regardless, there are some amazing homes for sale on the Texas Gulf Coast and some of them are just amazing! The value of these homes is incredible, where you can get a house on the water in the neighborhood of $2 million!

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For deets on the best little beachfront community to hit Port Arasas and the Texas coast since, well, forever, click over and check out our second home blog (see the handy-dandy link to the right?) And yes, even Ebby Halliday came and dipped her toes in the water!

The folks from Cinnamon Shore in pretty, pretty Port Aransas are coming to town next week to show us their stuff. I’ve been to both Port Aransas and Cinnamon Shore and LOVE the place! We have friends who own a home in Cinnamon Shore and love it so much, they are buying another home. (I’m eyeing the condos!) It’s the Texas coast answer to Seaside and Watercolor, and Port Aransas totally captured my heart. If you are looking for a second home that is not on the other side of the world, holler at me and I’ll hook you up!

For those of us who haunt these four corners almost daily, I am thrilled to learn that Central Market will be filling in the old vacated Borders location on the southeast corner of Preston Royal. Course the commercial real estate world was saying that was going to be Trader Joe’s but honestly, I didn’t believe it. Trader Joe’s belongs up at LBJ and Preston/Forest or over in Lakewood, my humble opinion. Here’s the announcement from Central Market: Plans for Fifth Dallas-Fort Worth Location,” and why the¬† H-E-B, San Antonio-based conglomerate is¬† moving into the 30,000-square-foot space (about half of the Lover’s Lane store, which I quite frankly think it too big) with a new concept that this neighborhood is going to lap up — literally:

“Research has shown us, and many of our customers have told us, that while we’re a destination store — people will drive 10, 30, even more than 100 miles to shop with us — they’d like us to be more accessible, closer to home,” says Stephen Butt, Senior Vice President of Central Market H-E-B. “By adding a new, neighborhood-friendly store design to our portfolio, we can start to better respond to our customers’ interests. We believe this is a new way to bring Central Market’s offerings to more customers in the future.”

Butt goes on to explain the company has been looking at real estate around the state, and just wanted to find the perfect location to launch its new store concept. Well, Preston Royal is about as perfect as it can get. I’ve heard the demographics surrounding those four corners actually surpass Highland Park Village, which is about as Gold Coast as you can get. Also, I was at Celebrity the other day, and they told me traffic is way down for them since Borders closed. (They also told me no Trader Joe’s going in.) So having Central Market’s new store could bring in more customers… or competition especially if it offers a cafe, which it will. The new Central Market concept store opens before the holidays — Thanksgiving — yes!

PS: I need to post the Butt family’s second home compound in Port Aransas, coming up!

Update: The Dallas Morning News reports this new Central Market will feature more kosher foods, taking on the expanded Tom Thumb at Preston Forest. Dallas is one of the most competitive grocery markets in the country, and now we know why. BTW, I would rather have seen Trader Joe’s up at Preston Forest than Natural What-Ever It Is. Went in that store once, walked out without having touched my plastic. Anyone else get it?

Heading to visit Cinnamon Shore on Mustang Island in Port Aransas. Taking a ten a.m. Southwest flight and packing light… see you at the beach!