My sources started notifying me last night that despite the pouring rain, supporters of former President Bush were out at his home, and in front of the gates to Daria, celebrating the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden. They tell me it was a total party atmosphere and even the Secret Service were jubilant. The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that President and Mrs. Bush were dining at Rise, the quaint French souffle restaurant in Inwood Village founded by the dynamic Hedda Gioia Dowd, who is also an ex-sister in law of Briggs-Freeman agent LeeLee Gioia. Former President Bush got a phone call from President Obama and he took off from dinner stat. Here’s a little glimpse of how the private life of George and Laura goes like now, except for the occasional interrupted dinner: another source texted me Saturday afternoon that Laura was at the Wisteria Outlet over near Love Field, buying linen table napkins. I mean, what a life: from marked-down napkins to the capture of the most marked man in the world.