Oprah Winfrey

The Hottest Gifts According To Oprah

By Nikki Barringer / December 18, 2019 / 0 Comments

We scoured the Internet for a comprehensive list of Oprah’s Favorite Things sold on Amazon and we found it here. Then we whittled that list down and left you with the really, really goooood stuff. Note: CandysDirt.com may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are […]

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Oprah Has a Fancy New Island Retreat and We’re Here For It

By Bethany Erickson / June 20, 2018 / 2 Comments

Everyone has their own place of zen in this world. For some, it’s the mountains. For others, it’s an ocean. For some, it’s punching people in the face (true story). For me, it’s the dulcet tones of Oprah Winfrey’s speaking voice. I mean, she could explain the proper way to clean a toilet to me […]

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