Oh, I know. But just you wait.

This week’s Wednesday WTF, folks, is a reader submission — a glorious abode in Portland, Oregon that’s either going to be something you love, or something you absolutely hate.

I know I say this a lot, but every week, I think, “This is gonna be the week where I don’t find anything weird in the wide world of real estate,” and then I indeed find something weird in the wide world of real estate.

But I also really love it when our readers see something really, really WTF and then think of me. I mean, I think.

So this house in Portland is listed for $1,125,000, and is roughly 3,000 square feet of man cave.

Sidebar: I feel conflicted about calling it this, because ostensibly a woman could also be responsible for this, but I feel comfortable at least saying this is Mancave Chic. 

Oh, you think I’m exaggerating? Let’s jump, shall we? (more…)