Shane Walker, Cher (duh!), and Billy Fulmer

Our new Wednesday feature, Wednesday WTF, brought us a home that looked like complete shrine to Cher. I mean, who would have a home like that, right? Only a very creative, very loyal fan who faithfully Chers the love all over not just his palace, but his TOWN!

It didn’t take us but two minutes to learn that 1202 Kessler Parkway, on the market for $599,900 (listed July 11, with Carmen Chapa), belongs to that doyenne of huge hats and floral design, the inimitable Shane Walker! His company, Flower Reign, has outfitted more winning hat designs for the Dallas Mad Hatter’s Luncheon than any designer in Dallas. You want to win Mad hatters, you hire Shane Walker. And he rules the Pooch Parade. Shane does weddings, events, dinners — you name it — with every design unique and totally out of the box!

So this is SHANE’s pad! We love every inch of it! We even spy one of his floral creations right there in the kitchen… (more…)


703 Kessler Woods trail extLast night’s second episode of Real Housewives of Dallas included some realities about the Dallas real estate market, and a clue to why so many are moving here: our homes, while notching up in value and pricing for a native’s pocketbook, are seen as the most affordable abodes on the planet to those from uber pricey places like California and New York.

Oh and a cameo appearance by my

Last night, RHOD Tiffany Hendra (a beautiful girl!) continued her saga of trying to plant roots in Texas, since she and her “Australian rocker husband”, Aaron Hendra, moved back to Dallas to be near her family. I loved it when Tiffany said that if she hadn’t gone to Fred Segal one too many times, she could practically “buy a small mansion here in Dallas with cash.” Ha! If only that were the case!

Tiffany heads down to 703 Kessler Woods Trail to look at a listing long since sold — filming was last year, recall — with cowboy hat wearing Mia Vincent, who is a Certified Real Estate Negotiator.703 Kessler Woods Trail ext front