Our Real Estate Market So Hot, Even a Real Housewife of Dallas Can’t Snag a House

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703 Kessler Woods trail extLast night’s second episode of Real Housewives of Dallas included some realities about the Dallas real estate market, and a clue to why so many are moving here: our homes, while notching up in value and pricing for a native’s pocketbook, are seen as the most affordable abodes on the planet to those from uber pricey places like California and New York.

Oh and a cameo appearance by my bird.dish-040816-tiffany-hendra

Last night, RHOD Tiffany Hendra (a beautiful girl!) continued her saga of trying to plant roots in Texas, since she and her “Australian rocker husband”, Aaron Hendra, moved back to Dallas to be near her family. I loved it when Tiffany said that if she hadn’t gone to Fred Segal one too many times, she could practically “buy a small mansion here in Dallas with cash.” Ha! If only that were the case!

Tiffany heads down to 703 Kessler Woods Trail to look at a listing long since sold — filming was last year, recall — with cowboy hat wearing Mia Vincent, who is a Certified Real Estate Negotiator.703 Kessler Woods Trail ext front


703 Kessler Woods Trail kitchen Tiffany says she wants a home “with a huge kitchen and an island.” Which she finds at 703 Kessler Woods Trail, complete with polished concrete floors that will handle any Jesus Juice spills when she has her girlfriends over. Tiffany, like most women, also wants  “a gigantic bathroom with a spa tub.” So there you have it: the two most important rooms in the house are the kitchen with huge island counter to hold lots of Jesus Juice and the master bath with huge soaking tub and separate shower.703 Kessler Woods Trail island703 Kesssler Woods Trail master bath

Originally listed for $875,500, the four-bedroom, four full bath home has 3110 square feet (perfect for a cute couple) on .22 acres. Mia lowered the price to $840,00 and the home closed at $810,000 March 29, 2016. Clearly this home would have been $1.810 or more in some parts of Cali.

Don’t worry Tiffany, now that we know what you want, we’ve got you covered here on CandysDirt.com.

Josie on RHOD

By the way, my parrot, Josie, made a cameo in last night’s show. (Yes, we have a parrot. Sigh. Downpayment on a hysterectomy. Had her for now about 20 years!) Real Housewives was filming at last year’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the Dallas Arboretum. You are supposed to wear a wildly decorated hat, of course, and so I, strapped for time, decided to make my decor live: I wore a large brimmed hat with my parrot on top. She was quite a hit and now, who knows: could Josie the Parrot end up with her own reality show?

Josie on hat at Mad Hatters 2015


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  1. Lara says

    I knew I spotted you! In addition to Josie’s appearance, you make a cameo over the left shoulder of one of the RHOD (Cary, I believe). Thrilled to learn the location of Tiffany’s potential home as well.

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