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A beautiful rainbow only comes after a storm, so when marketing your business, don’t forget to be authentic and acknowledge your struggles.

My freelance career as a marketing writer isn’t looking very promising right now. I’ve often been accused of writing too tight and too newsy when it comes to marketing copy. “Fluff it!” I remember one editor told me. “And that’s why I don’t do marketing copy. I write editorial,” I muttered to myself. But she was right, it’s a whole different kind of writing that I lack. So, my resume as a marketing copy writer remains scant after I was commissioned to write a corporate brochure for a locally based company and then decommissioned after they saw what I wrote. Naturally all of this has been bothering me for weeks.


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True confession: I’ve only watched like three Harry Potter movies and I’ve read none of the books because my job often requires me to read long boring things, which leaves me no time to read about boy wizards.

I say this because this week’s Wednesday WTF is definitely Harry Potter related and I’m going in half blind. I mean, seriously, my one introduction to Harry Potter involved a friend inviting me to her house to watch a marathon of them and at one point mishearing someone and thinking they said Voldemort’s name was Darryl. (more…)