Wednesday WTF: When Harry Potter Is Delayed By Poop

(Photos courtesy Carter Jonas)

True confession: I’ve only watched like three Harry Potter movies and I’ve read none of the books because my job often requires me to read long boring things, which leaves me no time to read about boy wizards.

I say this because this week’s Wednesday WTF is definitely Harry Potter related and I’m going in half blind. I mean, seriously, my one introduction to Harry Potter involved a friend inviting me to her house to watch a marathon of them and at one point mishearing someone and thinking they said Voldemort’s name was Darryl.

Harry Potter

I should also take this opportunity to apologize for being late with the WTF, because I had some Tuesday Be Trippin’ involving poop to deal with. You know it’s gonna be a week when one of the most WTF things you write isn’t actually for the Wednesday WTF.

harry potter

Anyway, do you want to live in the house where Harry Potter’s mom died? Harry Potter movie fans will recognize the exterior of this house as HP’s childhood home in Godric’s Hollow in the first “Deathly Hallows” movie.

harry potter

The rest of us will recognize it as a house.

harry potter

So anyway, this is the house, and this is the door that is apparently quite famous. It’s a famous door and people like to take pictures of it, so you’ll have to deal with that if you buy this house.


But it’s also really pretty and it has a garden and a drawing room, which sounds super fancy.

And if you’re not into Harry Potter, it also is historical. Yes, historical. It’s a super old house in England that’s been around since Medieval times (not the kind located on the access road along Stemmons Highway).

According to Carter Jonas, the firm with the listing and not a long-lost Jonas brother relation that lives in England, the home was named after the De Vere family that built it.

“In Medieval times the De Vere family were the second richest family after the King and were responsible for creating much of Lavenham’s medieval grandeur,” the listing says. “They also built Castle Hedingham Castle and an ancestor, Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford is widely believed to be the true author of the plays attributed to William Shakespeare.”

“Believed to have originally been built by the 12th Earl, De Vere House was subsequently modified by John De Vere, the 13th Earl of Oxford, and probably provided a hunting lodge,” the listing adds.

So if Harry Potter’s Parents Death House doesn’t blow your skirt up, maybe The Guy Who Shakespeare Plagiarized’s House will?

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  • “Yes, historical. It’s a super old house in England that’s been around since Medieval times (not the kind located on the access road along Stemmons Highway).” Seriously wetting my pants laughing! Don’t wear leather or suede when you read WTF Wednesday!