Not pictured: Screaming Ghost Lady of Yore.

When you think of a bed and breakfast, you probably think about sleeping gingerly on someone else’s delicate antiques and praying you’re not the one who pulls the chain plumb off that old-fashioned toilet, or you know, irritating a few ghosts.

Oh, maybe that’s just me?

Still, I know there are people that go to B&Bs to relax and eat breakfast with strangers and soak in claw foot tubs. And maybe it really is just me that has a hard time relaxing in a place where someone’s saloon-keeper great-great grandpa is staring at me from a tintype above the bureau, but I can’t help but think that people who stay at this haunted B&B in Brumley, Missouri, might be a special breed of folk that can relax in the face of anything, because I’m reading the website and it says, “LEARN MUCH MORE ON A TOUR WITH GREAT HISTORIC INFORMATION AND STORIES, SUCH AS THE HOUSE’S ROLE IN THE SPANISH FLU PANDEMIC AND ITS MASS GRAVE.” (more…)


Don’t let this pool fool you. It’s just a cool respite from alien probes and ghost tantrums, according to its current owners.

The current owners of this week’s Wednesday WTF say they sometimes wake up with weird bruises and puncture marks on their body and … Hi, no. (more…)


Yeah. It’s as bad as you think. Ghosts. Lots of ghosts. Read anyway.

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