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Do you really know how important the doors in your home are?

Join us tomorrow evening, June 23, to get inspired by the latest trends and discover how the door — yes, the DOOR —  can be the most dynamic element of every home design. I will be moderating a savvy Lifestyle Panel of area trend experts and you are invited!

You have heard us harp on about the importance of the front door being the first introduction to your house. Well, tomorrow you can learn all about front doors and interior doors with the trending styles we are seeing in DFW. Come hear a thought-provoking panel discussion on how doors impact our design, get one-on-ones with area design experts and experience inspirational vignettes showcasing door design possibilities.

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Thursday, June 23, 6-9 pm

Networking & Cocktails

Panel Discussion

Door Design Possibilities

Level 2

Dallas Design District

1250 Slocum St. Suite 758

Dallas, TX 75207

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I make a lot of decisions on homes by how they look just as I drive by. Weeds in the yard? Nope! Awful paint? Eek! Mis-matched garage door? I’m outta here!

I’m not at all unlike most buyers out there, too. Major front yard faux pas can turn off potential buyers faster than bad breath on a first date! So how do you keep your home competitive in a fast-paced market such as Dallas?

Houzz, that gorgeous interior design bookmarking service, has just the thing.

Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, a fresh and welcoming exterior is a wonderful thing to come home to each day,” says Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill. “From front doors, house numbers and porch furnishings to color schemes, landscaping and basic repairs, this smorgasbord of ideas will hopefully inspire a few changes around your own home.”

Really, a lot of these ideas are no-brainers that we’ve talked about before, such as giving your front door a distinctive coat of fresh paint. Of course, be mindful of what that color says about you.

Cool tips include adding fresh, bold house numbers and clean front-porch furniture to round out a look, and adding more flowers — and perhaps replacing the front lawn with flowers. Of course, check with your HOA or historic district before you rip out your lawn and add native plants.

Check out the whole list and some of the gorgeous photos on

What does Amy Vanderoef's bright red front door say about her Kessler Park home?

We fell in love with Amy Vanderoef’s adorable Kessler Park home on Windomere last week, especially with the cute bright red front door.

It made a big impression on us, so it stands to reason that the front door, with it’s cherry red sheen and cute arched top, will stand out to potential buyers.

According to this story from Business Insider, your front door can either attract or repel buyers based on color alone.

Take Vanderoef’s door, for instance. A bright red front door indicates a home full of energy and life. After reading Candy’s post about the Vanderoef family, and seeing the inside of their perfect little home, that’s definitely the case!

Blue, on the other hand, indicates a calm and tranquil interior. North Dallas Realtor Lydia Player painted her front door a lovely shade of bright blue.

Green and brown both attract those who love nature. A black front door exudes “strength, sophistication, power, and authority,” says Debbi Zimmer, editor at

Thinking of painting your front door something brighter? Approach with caution, as too much personality can be offputting to a potential buyer.

Personally, I love brighter shades on front doors, especially in neighborhoods like mine where a lot of the homes tend to look a bit too much alike.

What’s your favorite shade for a front door?

The front doors are making a splash over at the Regency Row Homes at The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas, and oh how elegant they are: crafted by Potter Art Metal Studios of Dallas, who also did the staircase in the Crespi Estate, the home of Thomas O. and Cinda Hicks.

Regency Row is about to be released by the Ritz, pricing at about $4.4 to
$5.2 million — delivered as shell units so buyers can completely customize each interior. Of course, the Ritz will assist with finishing or refer to one of several approved builders.

The Regency Row homes range in size from about 6,400 to
7,000 square feet, that being exclusive of the private garages (with garage doors! Openers!) equipped with a high-speed private elevator from garage to each of the four living levels. Or saunter up to the fifth floor private rooftop terrace.

By the way, I am talking properties here in Pebble Beach at Concourse and everything is loving the garage concept at The Ritz. Wow, said one Rolls owner, a garage in my condo? –that would cost a small fortune in New York City. I pointed out that what he saved in state income tax alone by buying in Texas would likely cover his HOAs…













The private
garages are a feature your crowd at Concourse D’Elegance Car Show in
Pebble Beach will appreciate, Candy.
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