Are you looking to build your real estate business in 2015? Ready to top sales records? We have five hot tips on how you can make the most of 2015!

Are you looking to build your real estate business in 2015? Ready to top sales records? We have five hot tips on how you can make the most of 2015!

If you’re looking to top your 2014 sales and referrals this year, but don’t know where to start, you’re not the only one. A lot of times agents will hire pricey marketing consultants to take an objective look at their materials and campaigns. This can be overwhelming for some Realtors, but the truth of the matter is, marketing your real estate business is critical to success.

We’ve scoured the top sources for real estate professionals and have put together this list of the best ways to make the most of your marketing efforts as you look to make or break sales records in 2015.


3197 Westcliff Front

What a cute home! This house, the former abode of Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, is an absolutely charming fieldstone cottage in the Bellaire neighborhood. I could totally imagine the mayor of Cowtown living in this adorable house, with its fantastic and well-maintained curb appeal and party-ready back patio.


Beth Fitzgerald 214 801-4992  09-05-08 A

Beth Fitzgerald is down to earth, and that’s what we love about her. After retiring from AT&T and becoming a Realtor just when the bottom dropped out of the market in 2008, Fitzgerald has used her optimism and no-bones-about-it attitude to serve her clients, and the many clients that are referred to her. She’s just that amazing and easy to talk to.

We think you’ll enjoy finding out more about Fitzgerald, a hard-working Realtor who has earned a spot as this week’s Featured Realtor, sponsored by Jeff Lindgrin of Great Western Home Loans. Of course, every sale should have a lender that works just as hard to get a great deal as their Realtor. What has your lender done for you lately? Find out what you’re missing by contacting Jeff Lindigrin with Great Western Home Loans today.

Read more about Beth after the jump! So are you a native Dallasite or where were you born?
Beth Fitzgerald: Army Brat, born in Alexandria, Va., but grew up in Fort Worth.

CD: Where do you live? House or Condo? House style?
Fitzgerald: I live in Coppell in a one-story traditional.

CD: And you drive a… let me guess, Mercedes Benz???
Fitzgerald: Lexus RX 330

CD: What’s you favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?
Fitzgerald: Bishop Arts/Kessler Park. It reminds me of area that I grew up in Fort Worth — Mistletoe Heights.

CD: If you could move in Dallas, where else might you live?
Fitzgerald: Lakewood

CD: How the heck did you get started in real estate?
Fitzgerald: I was with AT&T for 26 years selling bits and bytes of voice and data networks to Fortune 500 companies. When AT&T merged with SBC, I was able to retire. I always loved looking at homes and I had an amazing experience with my last Realtor. I decided that helping people realize their dream of home ownership would be more interesting and fun. I have only had my license since August of 2008, when the bottom dropped out of the market. Needless to say, my expectations were “things can only get better.” My first broker was a “boutique” office in Park Cities — didn’t survive the market downturn. Most of my training came from Lori Arnold with Coldwell Banker APEX; an incredibly smart lady. Currently work at Keller Williams Realty in Coppell.

CD: What’s your worst sales nightmare? Just worst transaction ever?
Fitzgerald: People that watch HGTV and think that they know everything. They usually know just enough to be dangerous. Worst transaction was a woman in the middle of leaving her common-law husband and so anxious to buy her own home that she had unrealistic expectations of financing and the whole homebuying process. It was a real mess and she lashed out at everyone in her path. Funny thing was that she was referred to me by my best client!

CD: What’s your best/highest sale?
Fitzgerald: $526,000

CD: How quickly have you ever turned a house?
Fitzgerald: Three days before it went on the market!

CD: How much did you sell last year?
Fitzgerald: More than any other year!

CD: Secret Sauce to marketing a house?
Fitzgerald: Clean, clean, clean!

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…
Fitzgerald: Owner of the Kessler Theater. I love live music.

CD: Finally, what is your favorite place for a second home and why?
Fitzgerald: I would love to have a home in Lake City, Colo. Beautiful little town and everyone knows everyone. Beautiful San Juan mountains.


Update, 7:58 p.m. It appears this was a domestic quarrel that ended brutally. Dallas media is reporting a man named John St. Angelo will be charged with the murder of Suzanne Parsons, and he is in police custody. KXAS-TV’s Scott Gordon reports that John St. Angelo was dragged out of a home in the 6800 block of Permian Lane after a four-hour stand-off by SWAT officers. Apparently, St. Angelo was married to Parsons, but the couple were estranged or in the process of divorce. 

It’s absolutely terrifying to know that anyone can make their way into an open real estate office and then stab a person repeatedly. Even scarier that it can happen in broad daylight at 4 p.m.

That’s what happened to Fort Worth Realtor Suzanne Parsons, a well-loved businesswoman who worked out of the RE/MAX office on Heritage Parkway and was considered a great friend and overall nice person.

Early on, reports from Fort Worth police said that the murder was not a “stranger-on-stranger” crime. Today FWPD has said they are on the trail of the suspect, and a SWAT team has been dispatched to the 6800 block of Permian, according to CBS DFW News (Channel 11).


Photo: Mireya Villareal/KTVT

An arrest warrant has been issued, but many details remain unclear. Still, I wonder what Realtors and brokers will be doing to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen at their office. Should real estate offices employ some kind of buzz-in system during business hours to help with security?