EBTH Dallas general manager Natalie Childers Hacker sat down with CandysDirt.com executive editor Joanna England for a live chat at their grand opening Oct. 30. (Courtesy Photo)

The idea behind EBTH, which stands for Everything But The House, is pretty straightforward. As you downsize, you’re often left with scores of new belongings that won’t fit in your new digs. The traditional estate sale model can be laborious, even with full-service sales that take over your home for a day or two. And what do you do with all of the stuff that doesn’t sell, or with hard-to-price collectibles? That’s where EBTH comes in.

For a business that deals in a high volume of very unique items, EBTH runs a very tight ship. As general manager Natalie Childers Hacker explained to me, everything is handled — from the initial walk-through, to pick up and delivery of auction items, to donations, to hauling away junk — by EBTH’s relationship managers. These bright and brave representatives of EBTH hold the client’s hand through the entire ordeal, making it very painless to divest of your collectibles, furnishings, and art. 


Clean it up and store it

When you’re selling your house, what do you do with all the “stuff”? Karen Eubank has solutions.

Getting ready to sell your house can be overwhelming. The first word your Realtor is going to mention is “declutter.” Then the stager will come in and remark that items need to be stored because it’s hard to see the gorgeous architectural details with your beautiful furniture blocking the columns and impeding the view.

What all of this really means is that selling your home will be a challenge unless you get rid of some stuff. But where do you turn? The general consensus is Craigslist can be hit or miss, eBay takes patience and time, and garage sales require energy and organization. You’ll probably be short on at least two of these if you’re about to list your home.

But it doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite resources to help you get your house whipped into shape so you can move on down the road to your next adventure. (more…)

5029 Pershing Front

If you are looking for a home in the $200K range, good luck. Pretty much everything that is clean inside with a few updates here and there is under contract within a few days. Of course, there are some holdouts.

Take this interesting two-bedroom, one-bath cottage in Cochran Heights at 5029 Pershing. This is the little neighborhood sandwiched between Henderson Avenue and the M Streets area, just east of Highway 75. It’s chock full of little cottages and condo developments, and is rapidly becoming a walkable neighborhood. It’s close to Knox Street, which is becoming more and more dense thanks to developers buying up blocks and putting in urban-oriented mixed-use developments.

5029 Pershing Living 2

But this home is another animal entirely. You need only glance at the living room to see what I mean. The gilded trim and furniture inside this 996-square-foot home is more befitting Champ d’Or than a small urban cottage, but you know what? I don’t care. I LOVE IT. It is so fun, and with the chandeliers and decorative fireplace, this home shows that taste and style can transcend size. That’s actually a great description of the previous owner, too, a graphic designer who was creative and energetic. It’s just a tragedy that his life was cut short by a fierce battle with lung cancer.

5029 Pershing Living 5029 Pershing Dining 5029 Pershing Kitchen

His appreciation for the finer things lives on in this fun little house. The home is a feast for the eyes, with opulent wallpaper in the dining area, quirky cabinets with a tiny sink in the kitchen, a master bedroom bedecked in gold painted moulding, a marble-lined bath, and an office that can inspire creativity in anyone with intricately inlaid and stained wood paneling reminiscent of a setting inside Downton Abbey. Truly, this home is full of light and texture.

5029 Pershing Bedroom 5029 Pershing Bath 5029 Pershing Office

And outside you’ll find a perfect above-ground pool, fantastic for inviting friends over and enjoying a dip when the weather becomes unbearable. The deck is lovely, too, and thanks to the urban environment, you’ll love the background noise as a backdrop for a fantastic party. And considering the excellent condition of the property, including all of the upgrades, and of course, the beautiful person behind it, I can see why this splendid little 1940s cottage is being marketed for $269,000. What’s your favorite thing about it?

5029 Pershing Pool