Ed Murchison

Tuesday Two Hundred: Ah, It’s Tax Day. Let’s Try $155,000 With a Pool…

By Candy Evans / April 17, 2012 / 0 Comments

I know how poor you are feeling right about now. Have you sent in your check to Uncle Sam? Maybe you are reading this on your phone or ipad while waiting in line at the Post Office, where I was yesterday. (I wonder what happens when you bounce a check to the IRS… ) Well, I am feeling poor today, so I scoured for a home where I can move once they clear our bank account and I found this at 2005 St. Francis off Ferguson. (An Ed Murchison listing, who I sometimes refer to as Ed Cook!) Hot damn, this home is adorable and even has a pool. Plus, you are going to eat up (as well as in) that aqua kitchen. Modern

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