Wayne Owens Agent Migration

If you spent the late ’90s or early 2000s in Charleston, South Carolina, you may recall a man in a Panama Jack hat strolling the beaches. To the untrained eye, he appeared to be relaxed enjoying the sand and surf.  In reality, that hat was a walking billboard, and the man underneath was meticulously building a real estate career one conversation at a time.

Today Wayne Owens is a highly successful agent who spends most of his days working deals in Dallas’ posh neighborhoods. In November he joined Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate after four years with Ebby Halliday. (Dave Perry-Miller is owned by the Ebby Halliday Companies.)

“The whole thing that I’ve found about real estate is that it’s about being unique, branding yourself, and working,” Owens said. “If you’ve got those three things, you’re going to be very successful.”


In 2019 agents worked to find a balance between the firepower of large international firms and the perceived advantages of smaller local brands.  The year will also be remembered for the loss of one of Dallas’s most iconic firms.

In March, news broke that Virginia Cook Realtors would be closing after 20 years in North Texas. The announcement came in the wake of top sellers Jennifer Ackerman, Kimberly Cococtos, Kristen Scott,  and David Griffin & Company recently moving on to other locales.

The closing of the brokerage left many agents in search of new homes. By mid-April, more than 40 of them had moved on to Ebby Halliday Realtors, while 13 of the top producers went to Allie Beth Allman & Associates.

“We’re obviously saddened to see what transpired with Virginia Cook,” Allie Beth Allman & Associates General Manager Keith Conlon said at the time. “Their culture matches up really well with our culture and the same boutique feel. Their agents are very professional, highly trained good people, and we think that the ones we added will be a good fit and do well with our brand.”


Real estate used to be a profession that some people just kind of fell into. Maybe a nice career in law provided a natural segue to something relevant but less stressful and time-consuming. Or maybe the kids were grown and flown and mom and/or dad needed something to keep themselves busy. Or, of course, there’s always those who just thought it looked easy and glamourous.

Sometimes it is. And sometimes … well, it makes for a lot of great stories.

Today, many young people are getting their licenses earlier in their careers, often before or during the marriage and kids phase. And they’re looking to align with a brokerage that has an established reputation, shares their values and values their input, offers excellent support and education, and is well-positioned for future growth. The Ebby Halliday Companies, comprising Ebby Halliday Realtors, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate and Williams Trew, checks all those boxes.


Ritz-Carlton three-bedroom

After helping more than 170 buyers and sellers move in, out and all around Dallas’ luxe Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, and after living there herself since it opened, you’d expect Sharon Quist has seen the best of the best in Uptown living. And you’d be right. But the top-producing, long-time Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent would quickly let you know she is still regularly and pleasantly surprised at how exceptionally customized units in this 21-story building can be.

Case in point: 2525 N. Pearl St., No. 1402, a rare Ritz-Carlton three-bedroom end unit with dead-on downtown views priced at $4,595,000. Side note: Quist has had the rare privilege of representing the seller – and buyer – every time this unit has been listed, which is thrice now. To say she knows it well is an understatement.


Over on Cherrywood Ave., there’s a three-bedroom, two-bathroom traditional that just hit the market. It’s near UT Southwestern and Parkland so it’s perfect if you’re a med student, nurse, doctor, resident, orderly, or just accident-prone.

It’s recently remodeled and it’s “perfect for owner-occupants and renters alike.” Are you listening, future real estate moguls? This could be the first feather in your mogul-like cap. Are you also listening, people that want a killer home with amazing accents and a spectacular backyard? Your dream home awaits.


Mansion Residences 7W living room with downtown views and herringbone floors

How would your holiday season improve if you could score chef-created turkey and dressing without lifting a finger?

For the past five months, I’ve lived in a spare hotel next to the Dallas County Appraisal District offices during which I “celebrated” July 4, Labor Day, Halloween, and now Thanksgiving. While I have a kitchen in my 300 square feet, it’s hardly a “cook’s dream,” nor is there room service and only weekly cleaning. It’s a sacrifice I was willing to make to secure my Penthouse Plunge project. But I will be quite relieved to move into my half of the Penthouse on December 3.

All this got me thinking of the best way to spend a holiday rife with huge cooking expectations. The answer was to outsource it. Fire-up the room service menu and order in. In Dallas’ tony hotel/condo projects, I daresay you could send recipes and be rewarded with all your favorites, complete with place settings, without ever having to run a dishwasher. I mean the fridge would still be full – you don’t want to pay hotel booze prices – but that’s a small detail in the grand scheme.

In this crème de la turkey category there are the Ritz Residences and The Mansion on Turtle Creek Residences. Units in both will cost you a bundle of cabbage but at least they’ll also cook it and deliver it.


historic Craftsman bungalow

This is the most extraordinary historic Craftsman bungalow you will find in Dallas. It’s such an excellent example that it was one of the nominating houses which helped to secure historic district status for Winnetka Heights in 1981.

This historic Craftsman bungalow was built for J.P. Evans in 1911. Evans is what we refer to in Texas as a “big butter and egg man.” He was an attorney, and according to several sources, a secretary to the mayor and a vice president for the board of the First Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas. So, it’s not surprising Evans could afford what was the most popular style of home at the time. He and his wife Margaret raised seven children in this 2,163-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. I think it’s a safe bet that it was not this large in 1911 and most likely had only one bathroom. The Evanses added onto the back of the house as their brood grew, and lived here until 1952.

This historic Craftsman bungalow was constructed by a local builder, J.W. Palmer, and is the only home in the Winnetka Heights Historic District to have five different exterior elements. A rarely seen combination of river rock and clinker brick was used to create the front wall. The house is a combination of stucco, shingles, and wood siding.historic Craftsman bungalow


Contemporary Hill Country

When I first spotted this Hill Country Contemporary design, I thought, “hmm, that’s odd, I don’t remember a new build down the street from Candy Evans!

That’s because it was built in 2008. As you scroll through these photos, you’ll see it’s a prime example of why architects are essential. Architects think long and hard about how their clients want to live in a home before they ever draw up a plan. They eschew trendy materials for classic. Rather than mow down trees, they design around them. In other words, they build timeless homes — homes that last forever.

That’s exactly what we need more of after the North Dallas tornado devastated so many homes. Plus, this one is move-in ready!

This Contemporary Hill Country home was designed by Bernbaum/Magadini Architects and built by Buford-Hawthorne. You could not ask for a better team.
Contemporary Hill Country