Dallas tornado

This comes from an article from our archives that is so timely today after the loss of life and property that hit our area last night about 6:45 p.m. Thank God for our sophisticated storm alert system. Mine came across as I was driving 60 mph down the Dallas North Tollway, flinching from the lightning display to the south and east.

Some people driving on the I-30 overpass near George W. Bush were not so fortunate.

storm shelter under staircase

We built a storm room in our home, located under the front hall stairs. Residential safe rooms are becoming a popular protection from violent tornadoes, and they can be retrofitted in an existing home. Safe rooms are accessed through an opening or door, and the walls and roof of a safe room are designed and built to protect against extreme winds and wind-borne debris. As is the safe-room door. Thankfully, I had recently cleared our safe room from junk that would survive a tornado while we blew away! (more…)


I know the colors are pretty, but according to meteorologist Steve McCauley, this radar map makes for ugly weather.

UPDATE: Things just got real. The Weather Channel is in Dallas, according to Robert Wilonsky.

WFAA meteorologist Steve McCauley is saying that according to his readings, tomorrow evening’s weather could very well spawn a few tornadoes.

“Obviously, it is impossible to predict where a tornado will touch down this far in advance,” McCauley said in his Facebook post, “but it is likely that our first TORNADO WATCH will be posted for much of north Texas tomorrow afternoon and evening.

We’ve talked about tornado coverage before, and about how to make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date, but considering our recent spate of earthquakes, hail storms, and high winds, perhaps it’s time to revisit your coverage again? And have you given a second thought to installing a storm shelter?

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