IMG_1589We couldn’t be more pleased to have Bethany Erickson on our team. She’s our dedicated education reporter, covering a contentious school board election, expounding on Dallas ISD’s ongoing struggle to expand pre-K, and dissecting the relationship between real estate and education.

Erickson, who doesn’t shy from the difficult subjects, sat down with the Dallas ISD education blog “Turn And Talks” to discuss her son, who starts kindergarten next year, as well as how to change the widespread misinformation about the district and its performance on their latest podcast.

This is what the teacher-run Dallas education blog has to say about Bethany:

“There are few people in Dallas I pay attention to more than Beth.

Her election coverage for Candy’s Dirt was solid, she’s not afraid to mix it up in the comment section, and she does everything she can to give everyone, especially people who like to pretend they know what they are talking about, an honest picture of Dallas ISD.”

You can listen to the whole podcast right here. Follow Bethany on twitter at @BethEricksonTX.

307-n-waverly-dr-dallas-tx-MLS-54 executive editor Joanna England, columnist Karen Eubank, founder and publisher Candy Evans, and senior writer Leah Shafer don their sensible shoes to stage the cute Tudor at 307 N. Waverly. (Photos: Shoot2Sell/Thomas Byers)

Special Thanks to Shoot2Sell Architectural Photography, CORT Furniture Rental, and Jenn Matt Thatcher

Two weeks ago, one of my talented staff writers did what she does best — think outside the box and whip up a great editorial twist to one of our regular Tuesday $200k  posts.

You know how we offer up delicious samples of North Texas real estate here on, carefully culled AFFORDABLE real estate, virtually every day of the week? There is our signature Monday Morning Millionaire, Tuesday Two Hundred, Thursday Three Hundred, and Friday Four or Five Hundred. Let me not forget our Fort Worth Fridays — Fort Worth has the yummiest homes! And occasionally we do a Saturday Six or Seven Hundred. Of course we also weave editorial-worthy properties and “O” Homes in between those signature basics, along with regular local real estate and design news that affects how we live in North Texas.


From the curb, it’s easy to fall in love with 307 N. Waverly, a North Oak Cliff Tudor that is brimming with potential. Unfortunately, buyers can easily loose sight of that once inside.

We fell in love with 307 N. Waverly Drive. Not sure if it was the bones, the Tudor style, the location (within walking distance of Davis Street, the Kessler Theater, and Bishop Arts), or the detailed brickwork. Maybe it was the brick planter columns alongside the front doorway that reached out like welcoming arms. The North Oak Cliff home in the historic L.O. Daniel neighborhood is a three-bedroom, two-bath home with 1,410 square feet, built in 1924.

From the outside, it was cute as a button. But in our expert opinion, the interior photos left a lot to be desired, and didn’t show off this little angel at her very best.



11666 Saxon Front

A couple of weekends ago a friend messaged me on Facebook, curious about this home on Saxon in Northeast Dallas’ Lochwood neighborhood. The home was once a bland 1950s ranch, not unlike a lot of the homogenous homes in the neighborhood, she said. But it appeared to have been gutted by a very savvy person, and has been on the market for a couple of months.

So, of course I had to look inside and see just what this seller has done, and let me tell you, they got some great advice when finishing out this house. Jump to see the interiors!



Realtors know it, builders know it, sellers know it, and you can be sure buyers pay attention to it, too. Curb appeal is an essential component to selling a house. Whether viewing a house online via photos, or driving through a neighborhood, the first impression is made from the street and with the landscaping.

Of course, our friends over at Harold Leidner Landscape Architects certainly know this well. They deal in curb appeal by designing and creating some of the most distinctive properties in the Dallas area. As an example, here are a few of their projects that are on the market now and certainly have the “Wow!” factor upon arrival. 

Jump for some fabulous examples of perfectly executed curb appeal!



If our bathroom renovation doesn’t go as planned, do you think our neighbors would be OK with this in our backyard? (Photo: BeDe Design)

We live in one of the many charming post-war traditionals in Casa View Haven, a wonderful, up-and-coming neighborhood that is less than a mile from the lake and has a wonderful neighborhood association. We love this neighborhood, our little house, and the huge trees up and down our quiet little — a place where we know everyone and everyone knows us, and we wave and chat when we’re outside.

But, I hate my bathroom. Seriously hate.



710 Cordova FrontWe feature around five or six great homes every week, and some listings are better than others. I have my favorites, and I’m allowed to pick and choose. It’s a privilege that comes with writing for the top real estate blog in Dallas.

710 Cordova Porch

Now, we’ve featured some great homes here on this week. But this house is my favorite. I LOVE THIS HOUSE! If I were in the market for a home, I would be making an offer right this very second. No, wait — I would have made a full-price offer YESTERDAY. That’s how much I love this house.

710 Cordova Living

You’re waiting for me to tell you the address, aren’t you? But, you see, I am almost so in love with this house that I don’t want to share it with you. I mean, this is the cutest Tudor I have ever seen, and the interiors are just my style — colorful, but not overbearing, with well-curated furniture and bright pop art — with tons of great details that will have you peeking around every corner to make sure you didn’t miss something.

710 Cordova Dining

OK, it would be cruel if I didn’t share, so I’ll tell you the deets: This amazing Hollywood Heights three-bedroom, two-bath tudor is listed by David Bush Realtors for $425,000. It has a tidy 1,723 square feet and is updated better than Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed. I love every room more than the last in this home, and the lucky buyer of 710 Cordova had better treat it right!

710 Cordova Kitchen

Here are a few things that had me at hello: I love the frame-mounted sliding doors that separate the living and dining rooms, as well as the bed and bath of the master suite. Even though this home has a bevy of finishes and textures, nothing feels out of place. And I love the use of dark woods in the living area, and especially in the kitchen. It makes the home feel cozy and warm without feeling claustrophobic or dark. And for a galley kitchen, this commissary feels open.

710 Cordova Master

The master suite is to die for. It has a separate office/nursery/sitting room attached to the bedroom, and the master bath is renovated without losing all character. Again, I love the paint colors and that the homeowner chose to paint the ceiling. It does make the rooms feel cozy and insulated.

710 Cordova Master Bath

A great feature about the master bath, besides that awesome vanity, is that the shower and the toilet are across the room from one another. There’s nothing worse than taking a shower right next to your spouse while they’re on the loo. In fact, it’s the worst.

710 Cordova Master Bath 2

Also — and this is just beyond rad — the master bath opens up via two full-light doors to the covered patio. How amazing is that? I bet that would be perfect in spring, after taking a nice hot shower, to don your robe and sit out on the back patio for a spell.

710 Cordova Backyard

The backyard is gorgeous, too, but small. If you’re not into gardening, this is the perfect size. Large enough to enjoy but not so big that it’s difficult to maintain. Really, this is a great, great house. It’s got me smitten! I love it so much that I’m going to put up every one of these pictures on my Pinterest boards! What about you?