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What is Design/Build? Traditionally it is the homeowner selecting the right contractor.  It is the homeowner selecting the right architect. It is the homeowner selecting the interior designer, structural engineer, landscape architect and other design professionals such as lighting designers, audio video professionals and many others, to execute the project. Individuals who try to put all of these elements in place themselves often encounter frustrating delays, soaring budgets, poorly aligned expectations and end up refereeing disputes. These typically lead to the horror stories people often hear about when building a house.

We believe a better approach is the All-Inclusive Design/Build process, where the homebuilder assembles and orchestrates the team with one point of accountability, delivering the homeowner the best experience.

How does this process begin? Building the home of your dreams can and should be one of the greatest experiences for an individual or family. Whether it is a practical home built for you and your family to grow in or a luxury home built for quiet enjoyment during your empty nester years, a new home is often the culmination of many years – sometimes a lifetime – of an individual’s or family’s hard work, goals and dreams.

The details of an individual’s dream home evolve over time and are based on many experiences. Each time you enter a room, drive by a house, or see a picture of a room in a magazine, an impression is made which helps you formulate an inventory of likes and dislikes. You draw on this inventory when thinking about your dream home, perhaps collecting photographs from magazines that correspond with the elements and character you want your home to include. This preparation, combined with the anticipation and excitement generated by discussions with family and friends, leads to an expectation that the actual process of building the home should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We agree that it should be.

The process of building a home requires the coordination, cooperation and talents of many professionals. At a minimum, there will be an architect or plan designer and a builder, with interior designers and landscape architects frequently involved. In today’s market, homeowners are demanding more specialized consultants such as kitchen designers, lighting designers and audio/video and home automation consultants. The activities of each of these professionals must be coordinated to ensure that the final product is consistent with the homeowner’s expectations. The All-Inclusive building approach makes this possible.

Our world is complicated and most luxury homebuyers are busy. The project management and research required during the construction of today’s complex homes are tasks many people are unwilling or unable to add to their already busy schedules.

We believe the All-Inclusive Design/Build program is a more practical process. Having a cohesive team under one umbrella, including architectural firms, project managers, subcontractors, engineers, landscape designers and interior designers, most of which have been working together for many years, delivers a good experience from start to finish. The continuity assures consistency, unparalleled quality control, excellent documentation and, above all, exceptional communication. The All-Inclusive approach to Design/Build ensures that there is a harmonious team of professionals working with the common goal of making the home building process a positive experience for our homeowners.

Mickey Munir, CEO
Sharif & Munir Custom Homes, Inc.