By next Independence Day, you could be grilling at your lakeside home, hopping in your boat on Lake Lewisville with prime seats for fireworks, and spending time cooling off in your pool in between — and we have just the house.

This lakefront estate home is in the Sunset Bay community in Little Elm, a cozy enclave known for its acre-or-more lot sizes and independent builders that guarantee that no two homes look the same.

And this 11-year-old Mediterranean is a stunner built for entertaining and luxury lake living, complete with a private boat dock. Located at 6008 Pinnacle Circle, this six-bedroom, six-full-bath, and two-half-bath home has 8,377 square feet of living space and sits on an acre and a half of land overlooking Lake Lewisville. (more…)

2505 Lake Rideg road grapevine ext 2

The sun is out, finally, and maybe we are all thinking about getting on the water next weekend? After all, Memorial Day is just around the corner. But the thought of all that traffic…

I have an idea.lake Grapevine

Get a home on Lake Grapevine, a second home that could someday be a first. Maybe four couples buy in, create a private fractional? That way you will be (1) 30 minutes away from a weekend full of water fun and (2) 10 minutes away from DFW. In fact, you could catch all early morning flight from now on and probably save enough on airfare to cover the HOA’s here and more — they are ONLY $350 a year for the association and another $350 a year for the boat dock.

Wait, did I say boat dock? On Lake Grapevine?

2505 Lake ridge ridge rd grapevine ext

Yes! (more…)

This cottage at Long Cove would be a fabulous getaway for a family!

This cottage at Long Cove would be a fabulous getaway for a family!

Cedar Creek Lake is a popular go-to location for North Texans who need a little time by the water. It’s a perfect spot to while away a three-day weekend, take the boat out, maybe paddleboard a little. For us, you can’t do much better than Long Cove, a fantastic community of gorgeous luxury properties that make lakefront living a breeze.

“Long Cove was made with family in mind. Beyond the homes and amenities, the heart of our community is focused on reconnecting with those closest to you. Forge meaningful conversations and create lasting memories without any distractions,” said sales director Josh Ellis. “We wanted a place where you can escape close to home and build relationships with new families like yours. We’ve created a haven where you can be a kid with your kids and let the family feel safe to run free, as you once did.”

Doesn’t that sound dreamy?


Long Cove Boat LaunchA “Proving Ground” for golf, a Toy Barn that is filling up faster than you can say “I’m bored” and a Boater Education Course instructed by the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Long Cove, on the deepest, prettiest end of Cedar Creek Lake, is gearing up for spring… and trying to keep up with spring break.Long Cove proving grounds

Here’s the nice thing about owning a home at Long Cove: your spring break vacation is an hour and a half away, and you are already having fun! The whole darn story is waiting for you on…Long Cove Dodd's Landing

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Been thinking of getting a Lake Tahoe vacation home? You and everyone else and their grandfather, says Reno resident Georgia Fisher. Heck, even HGTV built their 2014 Dream Home in Truckee, Calif., which is just a hop and skip away from Lake Tahoe.

Of course, It’s a getaway for wealthy Californians and pretty much all of Nevada, so demand for Lake Tahoe properties is high — and the prices are getting higher. Find out more about how you can find your Lake Tahoe dream home on today.


Proposition 6 Results by County


The results are in, and while many agreed that Proposition 6 was the best plan available to secure the future of Texas water, it garnered 73.37 percent of the statewide vote — a considerably safe margin.  Among constitutional amendment propositions on the statewide ballot, Proposition 6 garnered more votes that Propositions 3, 5, and 8.

What’s most interesting is the county-by-county reports from the Texas Tribune. While the Texas Hill Country and West Texas will likely be those most desperate for water, Proposition 6 didn’t pass muster in several counties throughout those regions. And many areas of East Texas shunned the proposed constitutional amendment that would tap the state’s Rainy Day Fund to secure more water resources. Find out more about Proposition 6 and its provisions here.

Check out more detailed results from last night here.

Lake Travis EstateUpdate 1:27 a.m.: Proposition 6 has passed with 73.38% of Texans voting for it.

I am heading out to the polls, and you should, too, to vote. They are open until 7pm. All the griping I we do and I we forget that this is my our chance to actually DO something about it!

There are nine constitutional amendments out there, including a billion-dollar plan to fund the state’s water projects for the next 50 years. This is important for us because while we sing and dance and celebrate all the new people moving into Texas, and how high they are keeping our real estate market, they will need water. Want a second home on a beautiful lake? Better have some water in that lake.

Thus the the biggest item on today’s ballot in my opinion is Proposition 6, the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT).

By the way, did you know that agriculture is the single biggest consumer of water in the U.S.? Of course, I’d rather use water to grow food than water golf courses. We consumers are second. According to the Texas Water Development Board, 56% of the water in Texas goes to commercial crops, 26.9% to cities and public water systems, 9.6% to manufacturing, including refineries, 4.1% to power generation, 1.8% to livestock (cows don’t drink much!) and 1.6% to mining, which includes oil and gas drilling.

Farmers are making some serious shots at conserving water, experimenting with and using less irrigation on crops.  Fracking uses millions of gallons of water (along with sand and chemicals) to shoot down a well and rupture hard rock that contains oil or gas, which can then be pumped out and (eventually) make it’s way into our SUVs.  But the industry tells us that though the volume of water needed for fracking seems high, the actual numbers are small compared with agriculture and domestic consumption.

$2 billion will be drawn from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to become part of a revolving fund making low-interest loans for water infrastructure, conservation and reservoir projects. In other words, finding ways to keep Texas quenching our thirst for water.

Think this isn’t such a big deal? A month ago I was in the Hill Country, meeting with reporters and developers from across the state. There are some high end home development ments outside of Austin where homeowners have gone for a day or two without a single drop of water coming out of the faucets!

That also means there is no water for bathing, washing your clothes, or filling the commodes!

Apparently the Texas Water Development Board, revamped by Governor Perry, will oversee the allocation of SWIFT dollars. Here is who is on that board.

This will not call for increasing tax dollars as the Texas Rainy Day Fund is flush with cash from severance taxes paid by the booming oil and gas industry.

Critics say this is unregulated money, yes. And supporters include some of the state’s biggest water users, who of course stand to gain. But the Rainy Day Fund (love that name) could grow to $12 billion by August 2015. And no matter who stands to gain, it doesn’t take rocket science to know that with the Texas population expanding so rapidly, we need to make sure we have enough water for everyone.

I mean, we love gas and oil, but we cannot drink it. Let’s use it to keep us hydrated.lake-travis-6

In what could possibly be the most uneven housing swap ever to hit Dallas’ housing board on Craigslist, is this guy wanting to swap his home in Napa, Calif., for your home near White Rock Lake:

Napa for Dallas


So, would you trade this:

Napa Valley Photo


For this?

WHite Rock Lake Winfrey Point