Guardian Angel: Janet Ryan of Guardian Mortgage Has the Expertise Clients Need

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Janet Ryan and friends
Guardian Mortgage’s Janet Ryan (bottom right) travels frequently to San Miguel de Allende with friends. (Courtesy Photo)

Janet Ryan has been in the mortgage industry since the 1970s. It was a different time then, she says, and her long career has given her a dose of perspective that clients constantly benefit from. Considering that Janet has been filling out mortgage paperwork for longer than some companies have been in business, her expertise is what helps her go above and beyond.

And that’s just one of the many reasons why Janet is our Guardian Angel at Guardian Mortgage Company. With more than 50 years in business and countless clients served, Guardian Mortgage will be there for you no matter what, just like Janet!

Jump to find out more about this tremendous mortgage professional!

Candy’s Dirt: Hi Janet! We hear you’ve been in the mortgage industry for quite some time now – since the 80s in fact! That’s so interesting. What can you tell us about how the industry has changed and evolved over the years?

Janet Ryan: It’s actually been since the 70s — a time when no one wore seat belts and everyone wore leisure suits and bell bottoms. It was all so simple back then —we didn’t have computers, so all this paperwork was done on a typewriter! There were very few mortgage companies around, now there’s one on every corner.

CD: Do you think it’s changed for the better? For the worse?

JR: Well, the overall transparency created by the regulation makes for a better environment for the borrower to obtain a loan that they qualify for and will be able to repay. Which is a huge benefit to the borrower. But the government’s involvement has added additional layers of review, which is increasing the cost to originate mortgage loans. It is unfortunate the negative impact on the industry caused by a few bad apples is felt by those of us who have always tried to do right by the borrower.

CD: What positions have you held in the industry? Any favorites you can recall?

JR: I’ve worked in all divisions of the mortgage industry from servicing to originating loans, even audit reviews. But, I have to say the correspondent division I am in now is probably my favorite. I’m calling on clients that are doing the originating, and many of them I’ve known in the business for years.

CD: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in your time in mortgage? What would you consider the key to success in this industry?

JR: I think this business requires that you be extremely flexible. There are constant changes that you must adapt to on a moment’s notice.

Although Janet loves to travel to San Miguel de Allende with her friends, she makes sure to leave her Yorkie, Bailey, in good hands!
Although Janet loves to travel to San Miguel de Allende with her friends, she makes sure to leave her Yorkie, Bailey, in good hands!

CD: Now, we know at Guardian, you help buyers here in Texas and across the U.S. But you actually spend a lot of time outside the country, don’t you? You take an annual trip somewhere? Tell us about that.

JR: I have friends who own second homes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – a charming town in the mountains built in the 1600s with perfect weather. There are many Americans and Canadians living there now, making it a popular retirement spot. I have been going there as often as I can over the past 20 years.

CD: How did those trips get started? What keeps you going back year after year?

JR: A friend had been renting a home there for the summer, and then purchased a home. She asked that I assist her with the interior design — my passion. I’ve been visiting ever since.

CD: I bet you miss your family and pets when you’re away! We hear you have one furry friend in particular named Bailey? What’s she like?

JR: Actually, Bailey is a precious little Yorkie male, and I have a great pet sitter. Bailey loves playing with other dogs while I’m away, although it’s really tough for me to leave him.

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