Activities at the village market and maker space. (Photo: Richard W. Rodriguez)

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Walsh is now home to Fort Worth’s newest makerspace. The Walsh Makerspace, located in the heart of the growing 7,200-acre neighborhood in west Fort Worth, is the first of its kind to be built from the ground up around a new development, and is available to residents and the public.


Newly constructed Craftsman home in Arlington Heights

3701 El Campo looks like it was built in the era of Craftsman homes – yet actually built in 2012 (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

Discussing an American Craftsman-designed home is perfect for post-Memorial Day musings!

A style influenced from the late 19th and early 20th Century as a rebuttal to the overly-decorative designs of Victorian homes, Craftsman homes have clean, simple lines with uniquely defining features.

As the Industrial Revolution of the 1900s brought rural workers to urban areas, these homes were built to house the suddenly growing middle class.



Get ready West Fort Worth…this could be you soon

“Come gather ’round people, wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown…” sang Mr. Bob Dylan in his 1964 hit “The Times They Are A Changin’.”

Obviously Bob was talking about Texas real estate and development when mentioning changin’ and growing waters around us.  While we don’t necessarily have growing waters, the developments and communities in West Tarrant and Parker County sure are a changin’.

In Part One of this recent series of Fort Worth growth, we looked at Walsh and how this new 7,200 acre master planned community will alter the housing landscape forever.

Part Two focused on Walsh and how it is being developed for today and tomorrow with forward-thinking amenities and infrastructure.

We have received a record number of posts, shares and emails in response to these first two articles.  Many of them want us to not only mention the benefits but also the drawbacks that all this new growth and expansion will bring to West Fort Worth/ Aledo areas of Tarrant County.  Thanks to the many who chimed in with thoughts and questions! (more…)



Williams Trew Real Estate, a member of the Ebby Halliday family, announced today that they will soon be expanding west to open a new real estate office in Parker County.

Go West young man and grow up with the country.” That quote is largely attributed to the newspaper editor Horace Greely relating to the American spirit of Manifest Destiny.

In accordance with that Manifest Destiny, Williams Trew will soon open their first office in Parker County and third overall.  The other offices are located on Camp Bowie Boulevard and Hulen Avenue in Fort Worth.  The company also has a real estate presence at Possum Kingdom Lake.


2216 Wilshire Blvd - bigger than it looks

2216 Wilshire Boulevard – preserves the size and scale from front elevation (photos: Shoot2Sell)

We see them on TV. We hear about them at parties. We can’t seem to get away from people boasting about how they were able to take an older home to the studs and transform it into a new property. Unfortunately, it seems that a great deal of the time, the workmanship and level of finishes leave something to be desired.

Not so for the home at 2216 Wilshire Boulevard in the charming neighborhood of Berkeley Place in Fort Worth.  The sellers knew what they were doing when they tackled this remodel project.  They have completely transformed a small, charming Tudor cottage into a new, exquisite and tasteful home definitely worth seeing.


Y-o-Y-increase-in-renter-occupied-vs-owner-occupied-households-2014vs2015There is a new buzz word in real estate: Over Renter.  This term is used to describe individuals or families that make $150,000 or more annually that choose to rent a home or apartment in lieu of purchasing a traditional home.  These high-income renters certainly can purchase a home but elect to pay top dollar for renting smaller, more conveniently located living spaces … and they are happy about it.

According to a recent study by RentCafe, in the Fort Worth market alone, the number of  high-income renters has increased 77 percent since 2014.

As Fort Worth continues to increase in population, the number of renters and buyers should continue to remain at a high level.  The question remains, “is this a good thing?”


tarrant county clock tower

Join the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Fort Worth chapter tonight as they tour the historic and recently renovated Tarrant County Courthouse clock tower.

The event is free for AIA members, $25 for nonmembers, and begins at 6 p.m. at 100 East Weatherford St., Fort Worth. The clock tower is part of the Tarrant County Courthouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built from 1893-1895 and designed by the architecture firm of Frederick C. Gunn & Louis Curtiss.

This pink Texas granite building, in Renaissance Revival style, recently had a $4.5-million, 14-month renovation, completed in 2012. Local officials rededicated the structure at that time, which closely resembles the Texas State Capitol, except for the clock tower.

Click here to register for the event. Evening parking in the county garage on Calhoun at East Weatherford Street is free. Entry is from East Weatherford going south.


Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

I had heard this was coming down the pike. The price is very interesting. You may recall that last fall, Fort Worth billionaire John Goff, a self-made man, and founder and CEO of Crescent Real Estate Holdings, and his wife Cami, were all set to sell their super fantastic lake property at Eagle Mountain Lake at auction October 8. There was TONS of publicity. As soon as we broke the story, Candace Carlisle over at the DBJ, wrote about it, and even asked Mr. Goff if he was “sad” to be selling the compound:

Are you sad to be auctioning off your Eagle Mountain lake house? It is sad. We love the property and we had so many good times there. We decided to go this auction process because it’s sometimes hard to bring attention to a property that’s not in an inner city and is in a destination like that. We have successfully used this auction process in some of our business ventures when we have had second homes we developed and so we decided to try it and it’s bittersweet. We are adding on and renovating a place in Fort Worth. We are just long on houses.

How many houses do you have? I’d rather not say. We have homes in Cabo and Colorado and we travel a lot.

Mariposa del Lago | Fort Worth, TX | Luxury Real Estate

The lake estate was listed with Kyle Crews and Daylon Pereira of Allie Beth Allman, and the auction was commanded by the sharp, busy folks at Concierge Auctions, based in Austin.

There was TONS of interest, too, not to mention at least four registered bidders, which is pretty darn amazing for a property said to have $8 million or more in it. A pre-emptive offer on the gorgeous retreat came in 24 hours before the auction was set to begin. So the agents and Concierge folks decided to work that offer, and postpone the auction.  The gated retreat, known as Mariposa del Lago, or “Butterfly of the Lake,” (based on the tremendous number of monarch butterfly migration patterns on the grounds each year) has been the Goff’s central family retreat for the couples’ five children since 2001.