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Could Bay Area Liberals Invade Dallas And Preston Hollow?

By Candy Evans / November 18, 2020 / 1 Comment

Personal conversations with real people so often define the essence of a neighborhood. That’s one reason why we invented our series, “Tell Me Your Real Estate Story.“ Last week, Tim Rogers over at D Magazine demonstrated his creative brilliance by writing a sort-of real estate story/conversation: “A totally very real conversation between a husband and […]

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NewPark One: “This Is Cementing A Mistake For The Next 100 Years”

By Jon Anderson / November 12, 2020 / 2 Comments

On the same day Mill Creek presented to Dallas’ Urban Design Peer Review Board, NewPark One was there. While there was general consensus on the design of the building among the group, its location proved very controversial. But first, some background. Back in 2018, one of Dallas’ happily lost attempts to woo Amazon’s second headquarters […]

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Oak Lawn Committee Sees Changes For Knight Street And Night Sky

By Jon Anderson / November 10, 2020 / 0 Comments

Sexy rendering, right?  The Oak Lawn Committee saw two presentations last night. Let’s get the quickie out of the way to give us plenty of time breaking down this beauty. Back in September, the Oak Lawn Committee saw a proposal by the owners of a vintage single-family home at Knight Street and Rawlins wanting to […]

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Lincoln Katy Trail Exhumed For New Council To Review

By Jon Anderson / November 9, 2020 / 4 Comments

As predicted, Lincoln Property Company is back with their Lincoln Katy Trail project on Carlisle between Bowen and Hall Streets. From the get-go, this action tells us that (a) Turtle Creek Terrace has not received any better offers, hinting that Lincoln overpaid for their option on the land; (b) investor-owners of Turtle Creek Terrace will […]

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Mill Creek’s Trinity River Project Presented To City Peer Review Panel

By Jon Anderson / October 25, 2020 / 3 Comments

Two weeks ago, I wrote a pair of immensely popular columns about Dallas not taking care about how the city evolves. One talked about how views of the classic Dallas skyline had been largely covered by newer, blander buildings that took away from the city’s beauty. The second column concerned a proposed project by developer […]

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Nelson Out: Reverchon Park’s Future In Community’s Fundraising Hands

By Jon Anderson / October 1, 2020 / 4 Comments

After months of deadlines missed, at noon Wednesday, the Parks Department ceased negotiations with Donnie Nelson’s Reverchon Park Sports and Entertainment LLC. “Negotiation” isn’t the correct word as it conjures two sides working on a deal – a stage this deal never seemed to arrive at. City attorneys are saying the next steps for the […]

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