microresidenciesAre you creative? If so, the city of Dallas might just have a spot for you in a unique program that provides microresidencies within city departments to foster creative solutions.

The City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs announced this week that it was opening up the second round of microresidencies, which are aimed at artists, arts educators, and designers.

“The goal of the residencies is for creative thinkers/artists to embed themselves in non-arts-focused City departments and offer creative innovations and solutions to improve their operations and processes,” the department said. “The residencies are not intended to create art FOR the Departments, but rather to bring different artistic perspectives or changes TO existing operations – to show that artistic and creative thinking is part of everything we do and that creative thinkers are valuable team members.” (more…)

Dallas photographer Misty Keasler’s exhibit, Haunt 2015-2017, at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, looks at the artistry behind creating a frightening experience (photos courtesy Misty Keasler).

Dallas photographer Misty Keasler knows a bit about haunted houses. No, not the kind that brings out the Discovery Channel camera crews and the infrared cameras, but the kind where people pay to be scared.

Keasler has been documenting haunted houses since 2015 when she shot Thrillvania in Terrell for D Magazine. Her solo exhibition at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, as well as an accompanying book from local imprint Archon Projects (which is helmed by Keasler’s gallerist husband, Brian Gibb), takes pains to show what the eye sees even in the periphery when it takes in a tableau at a haunted house.

“When I started on this, I would make sure I would say ‘commercial haunted houses’,” Keasler said. “People would assume I was talking about ghosts.” (more…)