Test Your Inspection Skills: What’s Wrong WIth This Picture?

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Every week, the detail-oriented folks at Green Scene Home Inspections will give CandysDirt.com readers an education in inspection. Want to see what they see? Tune in for “Upon Closer Inspection.”

As a homeowner, it’s a good idea to hone your observation skills around your house so that when problems arise, they don’t go unnoticed. Sometimes things may look fine, but upon closer inspection, you see there’s something wrong.

Take a look at these pictures and see if you can tell what’s wrong.

Can you see what’s happening in this panel box?

The panel box has been overheating — you can see charring and discoloration, which means the circuit is running more power than it was meant to. Time to call an electrician, STAT.

How about this outlet?

Someone has been breaking the cardinal rule of homeownership — we do not DIY electrical! Just because your cousin knows how to connect a circuit does not mean you should let him. SMH!

Look closely.

If you guessed that this creative DIYer has used a vacuum hose as a drain pan line, you’d be correct.

Can you tell what’s wrong here?

More overheating — this time in the furnace cabinet. This kind of thing can become a fire hazard very quickly, especially this time of year.

Have you had your furnace serviced lately?

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