Make Sure Your Roof is Safe For Santa Claus

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Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa might have a hard time delivering presents to some of the houses we see. From the roof to the chimney, here are some things for Santa to look out for this Christmas. 

Zippering is Bad For Santa

Zippered Shingles

Santa and his reindeer could slip and fall on this roof — and not because of the sharp pitch! This pattern of shingling is called “zippering.” It’s a faster way to install shingles, but installing them this way can damage the shingle seal, causing the shingles to fail to adhere to the roof.

Not Safe to Land!

Santa, don’t land on this roof! The support beams in the attic are compromised, and you could go right through to the attic! You’d never know it on a newly constructed house like this one…

Uncommon Under Hoof!

Santa, you may not recognize this roofing material, because it’s not that common in housing unless it’s a garage or outbuilding. It’s a Rubber Membrane roof, or EPDM, which is an inexpensive, lightweight material. Be careful though, because those reindeer paws might leave some marks!

Keep The Fire in The Fireplace

Watch your step, Santa! There is unrepaired fire damage underneath those shingles and your foot might go right through!

Watch Out For The Chimney!

Don’t judge, Santa. Maybe they just had extra shingles?

Make sure your roof is safe for Santa this year, y’all!

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