Mark Johnson Has The M.E.D.S. to Get You Productive Every Day

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In no other sector is productivity held quite so dearly as in the real estate industry, with teams and agents jockeying for “top-producer” spot almost as often as they hold open houses. The competitive nature of real estate sales isn’t for everyone.

But what’s the secret sauce to productivity? That’s what Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR Brokerage of Texas, offers in his latest book: “Up In Your Business – The Art Of Productivity

Mark Johnson

“In this compilation of the blogs I’ve written over the past three years, you will see a strong bias towards taking action,” Johnson said. “There are even three actions to take when you don’t know what to do!”

We caught up with Johnson long enough to pick his brain about how to be more productive in our daily life. Read on for more!

What does it mean to you to be “productive” in this industry?

Mark Johnson: One of the unspoken crimes in this industry is burn out. It breaks my heart and soul that after five years, 42 percent of us remain. It simply does not have to be that way.

Studies show your brain is just like a muscle. When your brain gets depleted, it’s less effective. The compound effect of simple choices — like what groceries to buy this week — might lead us to procrastinate on that critical business project. A “tired” mind finds the path of least resistance in distracting leisure activities. And that kills more dreams than anything else.

So yes, hard work is required for sure, yet to be consistently productive so is sleep, time off, proper nutrition, and moderate exercise.

When setting goals, what do you think is the biggest hangup for real estate agents?

Johnson: First, not understanding the difference between outcome goals vs. process goals and confusing the difference between motion and action.

Motion and action sound similar, yet they are different.

I’ve done a lot of research on the science and art of goal setting. In over 650 studies with over 50,000 participants, individuals who focused on process goals had more success than those who simply set outcome or performance goals.  

Second, not thinking big enough. In the book, I share a story about John Burke, who wrote a song he didn’t even know he could write or play when he started it.

When he composed the music, it was beyond his current musical ability.
Yet that is exactly what he wanted.

He wrote a song he couldn’t play and then took immediate action to practice and practice, over and over until he mastered it.

Some people call that pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

What’s one thing you do every day to be more productive?

Johnson: I take my M.E.D.S. Now that’s four and you asked for one!

M editation and prayer
E xercise
D iet and nutrition
S leep

I use the “High Performance Planner” by Brendon Burchard and I’m getting better and better every day at setting “implementation intentions.”

You’re quite the adventurer! What’s the wildest thing you’ve encountered in your travels?

Johnson: Oh gosh, what a great question. So many, yet two just came to mind are the LA Marathon and my trip to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro.

While in Africa I visited a relative in Nairobi, Kenya. I arrived later in the evening and he wanted to show me around the town. Well, he took a wrong turn on a restricted street towards the Presidential Palace and we suddenly found our car surrounded by police with rifles. It was intense!  

But the LA marathon is iconic, you start at Dodger Stadium and end up at the Santa Monica Pier. You pass by so many of the LA icons that you’ve seen in movies. Yet what happened is more iconic. I had trained hard and long for this event and never ONCE had fallen. So here it is race day, thousands of people, and the start gun goes off. As I got out of the staging area and into the race field I approached a large street corner and the street was very uneven with large tree roots. I took a fall — it felt like slow motion — and before I could realize much a hand reached out for me to grab and pulled me straight up. He gave me a high five, I dusted off and finished the race. I still don’t know his name yet remain forever grateful.

Lightning round: Always an early riser? Or do you sleep in on the weekends?

Johnson: Always an early riser, except Sunday’s I give myself an extra hour.

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  1. Dave Hemer says

    So glad you did this story on Mark Johnson. Mark is a great real estate coach and a top industry CEO with broad experience. Agents at JP and Associates benefit daily from his experience and knowledge as he is quite involved in helping everyone succeed to a higher level. He truly cares about the individual success of each agent and works to make sure processes and road-maps are in place for their best outcome. I personally spend 15 minutes each morning with Mark on a Zoom call as he connects us to industry leaders and motivational speakers along with sharing his own insights on how to manage through each day with all the Covid-19 challenges we have. I encourage those in the Texas real estate business to take time to get to know Mark – it will be time well spent!

  2. Billie Verdecchio says

    I am so grateful that I get a steady diet of Mark Johnson’s wisdom every morning. It’s not just inspirational but it carries weight. It fuels you to pivot, to change, stay relative and to maintain the course. Motivational speakers come and go, you get excited and then it fades with time. But Mark has equipped me with the tools I need for my business to be successful. I don’t want to be a statistic of stagnancy. Through his game changing leadership I’ve become disciplined, consistent, and I’ve learned to implement systems to sustain my growth. In order to continue to develop and succeed you need somebody like Mark Johnson to step into your life , mentor your mentality and take you to the next level. I cannot wait to read his newest book as his first book set me on the path, got me out of a rut and effected change in my life.

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