What is a White Glove Mover? Jamie Furrate of Curtis Specialized Moving and Storage Tells All

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Every move comes with its fair share of stressors. Transporting your possessions should not be one of them. It all comes down to selecting the right moving company.

For Dallas’ most discriminating homeowners and interior designers, the decision is a no-brainer: Curtis Specialized Moving and Storage.

“Our clients appreciate the difference between a general and white glove mover.”

Jamie Furrate, curtis specialized Moving & Storage

Under the watchful eye of owner Jamie Furrate, Curtis earns its top spot as the city’s premier relocation, delivery, installation, and storage operation. We asked the veteran pro to elaborate on what it takes to be a “white glove” mover. Not surprisingly, it has evolved far beyond simply using white gloves to handle fabric-covered furniture.

Packing and moving chandeliers is just one of many specialized services

“It’s about the personnel. They’ve got to have the skill set to successfully accomplish the most challenging furniture, art, chandelier, and statuary packing, handling, and installation,” Furrate says. It also encompasses dealing with the most difficult logistical situations.

“The customer knows they’ve hired professionals with extraordinary capabilities to streamline any move. That translates into less stress and a lower risk of damages.”

Since acquiring the company from original owner Curtis Wilson in 2003, Furrate has made hiring and retaining service-oriented crews and management a top priority.

“If an employee has the right skill set, you want to take care of them,” Furrate said.

Crating, moving and hanging art is part of the white glove service.

“It’s important in any business, but especially with a white glove mover.” Numbers tell the story. Curtis’ top 12 installers sport over 150 years of tenure. Its management? Approximately 120 years.

“We’ve been blessed with the continuity and longevity of our A-plus team,” he added.

It is clear the strategy works. According to Furrate, the bulk of his business is either repeat or word-of-mouth.

“What we offer is over and beyond a mainstream moving company. Our range of capabilities, superior customer service, and lower risk level is worth any additional cost.” He admits it is a specialized market. “We don’t try to reach out to everyone.”

Curtis employees bring years of experience to the job.

“The common denominator is that they want a company that will protect their cherished possessions,” he said.

A key point of difference: Homeowners have the same crew throughout the entire move process, from packing, loading, and transporting to unpacking and placing.

“We provide consistency and continuity, plus the assurance of knowing your pieces aren’t on a van line with other people’s stuff, arriving who knows when,” says Furrate. 

Curtis also offers its high-end clientele services like disassembling and assembling state-of-the-art home gyms; packing and handling museum-quality art and irreplaceable antiques; moving world-class wine and trophy collections — even transporting exotic taxidermy animals. (Yes, that is a water buffalo with a lion on top of it in the warehouse — don’t judge.)

Clients trust Curtis to move their possessions — from wine collections to fine antiques.

Which is why Furrate offers one more guarantee: Unconditional discretion.

“Our long-term celebrity clients span the entertainment, political, sports, and business arenas. We’re very grateful. But if we mentioned names, they wouldn’t be clients anymore,” he said. “We’d much rather they talk about and refer us.”

Contact Curtis Specialized Moving and Storage for more information at 214-634-0304 or online at csmsusa.com.


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