This Sweet Dilbeck in Greenway Parks is a Little Slice of Heaven

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Today we launch The Sweetest Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is your opportunity to nominate some of the most incredible listings in our region. Stay tuned for the rest of this week as we satiate our sweet tooth on some truly incredible real estate!

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the work of Charles Dilbeck, this site is the perfect place to start. And while we here at pride ourselves in knowing North Texas’ top neighborhoods like the backs of our hands, we were taken a bit off-guard by this Dilbeck nominated by one of its listing agents, Cindy Bruner.

What surprised us was that this absolute gem in Greenway Parks was one we’d never seen before. For us real estate junkies with an eye for the unique and out of the ordinary, that’s no small feat. 

So when we put out the call for our readers to nominate the listings they thought were The Sweetest Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth, this home stayed on our radar. It’s easy to see why.

“I am not an expert on Charles Dilbeck, but I love his homes and this one has so many signature details: the detailed brickwork, the timbers on the side of the house and around the windows, the cupola, the timber detail around the fireplace, the shape of the fireplace, the figure-8 shaped chimney, the brick wall in the dining room, the Juliet balcony on the side of the house — plus, it has a cool midcentury vibe with a wall of windows overlooking the backyard that makes it have an open, current feel,” Bruner said.

Fellow listing agent Bo Parker agreed.

“The exterior brick patterns are reminiscent of an English cottage that beckons one to get excited about entering this delightful home right from the start,” the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent said. “It is a house that one falls in love with from the first minute you see it!”

As you can see, we weren’t the only ones that swooned.

In fact, love at first sight pretty much describes how buyer Logan Hefflefinger felt when he saw this Dilbeck in Greenway Parks. 

“I love old architecture, and Charles Dilbeck has always been someone’s style that I admired around the city, so the opportunity to own one of his properties was a dream come true,” he said.  

“The wood and brick detail inside the home are my favorite part,” Hefflefinger added. “The fireplace feels like it’s straight out of 1940. The full glass wall that overlooks the backyard and greenway takes your breath away and truly transports you to a place far from Dallas. That sentence right there sums up what I love about this home. It’s historic character and unique details inside the home truly take you on a vacation.”

That’s part of the reason why Hefflefinger, a second-generation home renovator, purchased this incredible Greenway Parks Dilbeck. It’s a second home for his family, which is used to host out-of-town guests and is rented out when not otherwise occupied. 

“I’ve always wanted to have a bed and breakfast, and this is the closest thing that I can get to that here in Dallas,” Hefflefinger said. “I want others to stay at this home and experience that feeling I first had the first time I walked in the door and escape to their own little vacation right in the middle of Dallas.”

And yes, it truly is right in the middle of Dallas.

This incredible Dilbeck is located right at Mockingbird Lane and Inwood Road. With that address, you’d think that this home wouldn’t feel like the private retreat that Bruner and Hefflefinger describe. 

The backyard feels incredibly private despite its location on a busy intersection.
Lush landscaping and views of the Greenway Parks greenbelt make this Dilbeck feel like an escape in the city.

But you’d be wrong.

“The setting is incredible,” Bruner said. “You wouldn’t think that a house on the corner of Mockingbird and Inwood would feel ‘private,’ but this house does because of the landscaping and the wide yard overlooking the Greenway Parks greenbelt. The sparkling pool and lush landscaping take it over the top.”

Want to secure your stay at one of the Sweetest Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth? Check out Hefflefinger’s listing on Airbnb.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second installment of our Sweetest Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth!


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