Modern Magic: Avant Group Homes Are Disappearing Quickly

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Avant Group homes are selling quickly throughout Midway Hollow.

Homebuyers, take note. If there’s an Avant Group home for sale, jump on it. Odds are, these modern masterpieces won’t be available next time you look.

Case in point: The newly-completed Midway Hollow spec on Van Ness Lane. It sold within two days. A few blocks away, on Valley Ridge Road, buyers made a full-price offer within a week after the house was listed.  Another on Mixon sold before it was completed.

The Avant Group — a Approved Builder — thought they would have seven properties on the market. Now there are none.

The spec on Van Ness (above and below) sold in less than two days.
The Van Ness property was staged by George Bass Stage & Design.
The Valley Ridge Road spec (above and below) sold for listing price within a week.

What makes the homes so desirable? For starters, they sport a stylish simplicity, seamlessly blending clean and uncluttered with warm and inviting. And while homes feature commonalities, these stunners are anything but cookie-cutter. The real hero? The beauty of the architecture.

Craftmanship is also spot-on. Acute attention to detail goes into creating houses that are smart, welcoming, livable spaces.

This home on Mixon Drive sold before it was listed.

Value is another strong selling point. Avant Group COO, Chris Jent, is a pro at negotiations, cost management, and personnel operations. And as head designer, Heaven Porteous has an innate skill for balancing functionality with high design, all while keeping your budget intact.

Two additional Midway Hollow specs are near completion. Keep watch for a preview, offering prospective homebuyers an advance look.

Coming soon: Specs on Clover Lane (above) and Valley Ridge Road (below).

Custom builds are also a specialty, accounting for 50 percent of the group’s business. Ten ground-up construction projects are in the works. Properties range between $175 and $195 per square foot.

“The growth has been amazing,” says Heaven.

“You’re getting everything you see in our spec homes, but customized around your own special floor plan and taste — for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.”

The Avant Group is currently building a custom home for broker Matt Scobee.

Among the new builds is a Lakewood home for Matt Scobee, owner of Iconic Real Estate —who also happens to be Avant’s exclusive selling agent.

“Our relationship with Matt goes back to the beginning. He’s part of our family,” says Heaven.

The affinity is mutual. Years of working together has proved rewarding for both parties.

A recent custom on Walnut Hill Lane.

“Heaven marries modern and contemporary finishes in a way that doesn’t feel institutional and cold. Her designs, paired with Chris’ business acumen, combine in a way that is detail-oriented and never unfinished,” says Matt.

“I’m proud to sell their beautiful homes. My wife, Hailey, and I were intrigued at the thought of being able to tweak one to fit our personal style.”

Rave reviews from clients are the icing on the cake.

“Ask anyone how they feel about their builder. I doubt you’ll see that type of enthusiasm,” he says.

Pools and balconies are among the amenities available.

Heaven encourages homeowners to bring their ideas to the table — whether it’s a Pinterest board or old Neiman Marcus catalog. No request is too big or too small. In fact, she embraces the challenge.

Take, for instance, the homebuyer who wanted to showcase her wedding dress. The Avant Group constructed a custom, 360-degree revolving box for her closet.

For another client, they built a mirror-backed, glass-chambered wine bar, complete with colored LED lights. And then there’s the customer who wanted a facsimile of crystal faucets she saw at a boutique hotel in Florence, Italy.

 “People have attachments to things they’ve been attracted to,” says Heaven. “It’s our job to make them theirs, one way or another.”  


Elaine Raffel

Having left the corporate world to launch her own freelance creative business, Elaine Raffel is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the mega-talented Dallas homebuilding community. She credits her work with top fashion and design brands for teaching her one inarguably valuable lesson: that truly great work is always a collaboration.

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