Come For The Coolness, Buy It For The Backyard of This Claremont Home

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Let’s get right into it with this one. It’s a very reasonably priced little cutie over in Claremont, located in East Dallas. Claremont is one of those areas that’s close to everything but not sitting right in the center of what’s poppin’. (It’s not your Lakewood or Little Forest Hills.)

This is one of those houses where you might say, “It’s $344,900 and I get all of this?!?”

Yeah, you do. 

It’s not set on a corner lot, but it’s at the end of the street and there appears to be a creek next door AND across the street. Those two non-house spots offer a level of privacy you won’t find on the rest of the street. And that’s really awesome and all, but we need to zip it already and just talk about the house because yowza. It’s dynamite.

The landscaping is fantastic, and the canopy of trees out back have our hearts and in summertime, our shade. There’s a gorgeous pool and a wooden deck that looks like they cleared the lumberyard to create. It could totally be a party house or a night swim, just for you house. But come on, those trees are KILLING IT with the greenery. 

Inside, it’s modest, OK, but it’s just so modern. It has all that fancy, free-wheeling open space you’re looking for. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and updates all over the place BUT the charm of the four-inch bathroom tile remains.

The current owners added some leafy wallpaper which we’re taking as a nod to Blanche Deveraux, but you can take it any way you like. 

David Griffin’s Bart Thrasher had a lot to say and he sprinkled in some incredible ideas for taking this fabulous find to the next level. 

“It’s very private feeling, and with the pool so close to the house it really flows together,” Thrasher said. “It is totally move-in ready, but there are several things a buyer can do to put their own stamp on it. The large master bedroom and en-suite can be reimagined to create a large walk-in closet and bath. It also has its own sliding glass door, inviting a possible master outdoor retreat. Also, I can see putting up breeze blocks or a nice fence to close off the entry courtyard to create even more privacy.”

How fun would an outdoor shower be? And don’t get us started on that courtyard. Are you sold? If so, give Thrasher a call, tell him he has the greatest name ever and then have him show you around. And do it now, there’s no way 8017 Claremont Drive will last. 

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