Talulah & Hess: The Best Neighborhood Store in Dallas

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I’m going to let you in on one of my secret sources, Talulah & Hess. This is a fantastic neighborhood one-stop shopping experience.

Whether you need a great gift, a perfect piece of furniture, incredible new artwork, or flowers and champagne, this is your go-to store. A word of warning, however — once inside, you won’t want to leave.

Tallulah & Hess

If you live in Lakewood, you’ll know Talulah & Hess.

It began as a tiny gem of a shop, next to Legal Grounds, called Talulah. Elizabeth Mast was working for Fidelity Investments at the time and was annoyed that there was nowhere to pick up a gift or get something to wear. To satisfy her creative side, she was designing dog collars in her spare time. Talulah carried them, and she got to know the owner. 

“One day, the owner told me she wanted to sell the shop and asked me if I wanted to buy it,” Mast said. “I didn’t think twice. I bought it, renamed it, Talulah Belle, liquidated the inventory, and started over because I had a vision. I wanted to carry different and unique things that spoke to me, things that had a story. I also wanted to support the community and local vendors.”

Tallulah & Hess

It wasn’t long before the space next to Talulah became available, and Mast snapped it up, creating a second store called Hess. The name stands for Home Essentials Simply Stated, but of course, there’s a bigger story behind it. 

“It’s my husband’s middle name and his grandfather’s first name,” Mast said. “It was a thank you for supporting me on my massive career change as I left Fidelity. Hess was opened to create easy ways for people to change the look of their homes with affordable pieces that looked like more expensive items.” 

Carrying furniture and accessories was also inspired by Mast’s other career change into real estate. She realized staging her listings would add value for her sellers and help them stand out. It was a win-win.   

The shops were a resounding success. When 3,000-square-feet became available down the street on Live Oak, Mast did not hesitate. She merged her two shops into what is now Talulah & Hess.

“It’s now truly a lifestyle boutique,” Mast said. “We provide products and services to meet your lifestyle. I don’t think there is anyone who has the depth of products we have at multiple price levels.” 

We’ve all faced situations where we’re completely clueless about the right gift to purchase for a family member, friend, or colleague. You’ll find the solution at Talulah & Hess. And if your house needs anything from a pillow pick-me-up to a new lamp or sofa, it’s here. 

Tallulah & Hess

“Everything we buy, we discuss and think out,” Mast said. “I don’t buy anything because someone says I need to carry it.  I buy things that I believe will inspire our customers.”

Tallulah & Hess

“When we shop for the store, we look for things with a story and meaning, store manager Mandi Giallorenzo,” said.

“Every item speaks to us on some level, like BuDhaGirl. We were her first retailer,” Mast said. “Her product is one of my favorites, and the story behind it is one I love. It makes you stop and be more mindful, and I think that’s what we need.”

Tallulah & Hess

What makes Talulah & Hess different is not just the items they carry but also their focus on the experience of the store. From the way it looks, to how it smells, right down to the fact they offer one kind of flower and one kind of champagne. Because who needs more?

“We want people to love coming here and feel happy,” Mast said.

Mast loves being part of the community and being able to give back. She has a dedicated team member that handles outreach, and that’s rare for any store much less a local one.  “It’s the most satisfying thing when we can give back and make someone happy. We believe you live from a place of gratitude and mindfulness.”

Tallulah & Hess
Tallulah & Hess

Find Talulah & Hess at 5810 Live Oak Street behind the pretty pink door!


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