Life in a Modern Treetop Townhome

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treetop townhouse

How many of you had a treehouse when you were growing up?  If you didn’t have one, you know you wanted one. Now you can fulfill those childhood dreams in a modern treetop townhome in the heart of Knox Henderson.

treetop townhouse

We all know Diane Cheatham. As the CEO of Urban Edge Developers, Ltd., she’s one of the few female developers in America.  Every media outlet in the country has written about her Urban Reserve project, and now the Urban Commons development is the talk of the town. What you may not know is Cheatham also develops townhomes. In 2004 she teamed up with architect Sharon Odum to design and build 12 treetop townhomes on Cole Avenue.

treetop townhouse

There is so much to love about these townhomes that people rarely leave. I did a quick search on DCAD, and from my calculations, a good third of them are still occupied by the original owners. Another third have had only two owners. That tells you everything you need to know. Considering how often people move in this city, it’s a testament to the fact these were ahead of their time in concept, design, and location.

When you think back to almost ten years ago when these homes were in the planning stages, you understand why Cheatham has gained her reputation. She’s a thinker and an innovator. She instinctively understands where and why to start a development, and she values architects above all. Long before anyone else had faith that people were interested in contemporary design, Cheatham was proving it.

treetop townhouse

Now you can own a treetop townhome because one is finally on the market. I went to see it last week, so I know for a fact no matter how beautiful the photos are, they cannot begin to do it justice. 

treetop townhouse

You may have a hard time getting yourself past the first floor because there is a gorgeous 4 x 8-foot glass cube temperature-controlled wine room. “The wine room was a huge selling point for us,” owner Nick Cureton said. “After a hot run, I walk in and just stand there!” 

“Our really good friends lived next door,” Lauren said. “We were there a lot, having dinner and going to parties. We used to joke if the neighbor’s sell their townhome, let us know, and we’ll buy it.” Well, the neighbors didn’t even get a chance to go into MLS. Lauren was 35-weeks pregnant and had finished the nursery at their house when their friends called and told them the townhome was for sale. “We didn’t hesitate,” Lauren said.  “We made an offer without seeing it.”

The Curetons have loved every minute in their modern treetop townhome, and until quite recently, their close friends were next door. “We shared a balcony, so it was great just to open up the doors and have dinner together,” Lauren said. “But, they’ve only moved a half-mile away!”

It’s also been a great pandemic home because you never feel isolated here. The townhomes sit a half a block away from Knox street so you can run on the Kathy Trail, walk to Starbucks, Pottery Barn, and the new Trader Joe’s. “I don’t feel like there is an intersection I’d rather live at than Knox and Cole,” Nick said. “I can walk everywhere.I feel like we’re in the heart of the city even though we’re not downtown.”

Of course, the Curetons added their touch. Lauren works for Modern Luxury, so her taste level is off the charts. Nick has been with Pool Corp. for years and is quite the problem-solver. Their stylish teamwork is evident. One of the things I was in awe of is the solution they came up with for the open staircase. When you have a small child, you cannot have open stairs. So, they installed attractive acrylic panels. Genius! They don’t detract from the architectural integrity, and in fact, add another modern element into the design. They also had an artist pal paint the beautiful mural in the kitchen and added hardwoods to the second floor.

The backyard got some much needed attention as well.“We had Bonick Landscape draw up plans,” Lauren said. When you have a small space, a great landscape company makes all the difference. They installed a grill, a bar area, a fountain, and lights to create a lovely ambiance. This is a lesson never to let the size of an outdoor area deter you from making the most of it.

“We will miss the open floor plan in the main living area,” Lauren said. “It’s the heart of the home and wonderful for entertaining. We’ve had a lot of dance parties here, and the Gaggenau kitchen makes you want to cook! 

The entire home is a breath of fresh air with views of the trees out of almost every window. At 1,530-square-feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a powder bath, plus the great balcony and backyard, it’s truly a dream home

treetop townhouse

Robert Elliott and Associates Realtors Marilyn Richards and Andrea James have this treetop townhome at Number 9 4635 Cole Avenue listed for only $525,000.

Remember. I told you these seldom come up for sale, and that is a terrific price. So, unlock that inner kid and make those childhood dreams come true! 

Open House: Sunday, September 6, 2 to 4 p.m.

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