Classic Outside, Sleek And Modern Inside, Meet 5130 Monticello

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You’d think being at the corner of Central Expressway and Monticello would be a tough sell. But when you’re 5130 Monticello Avenue, it’s not.

In fact, on that corner, you might just find your dream house. Especially after a quick conversation with listing agent Minnette Murray. 

The first thing she points out is value. If this hot little Tudor were on the other side of Central, it would easily be over one million dollars, but since it’s east of 75, it’s not. (Crazy what a few lanes of gridlock can do.) Don’t forget, Dallas installed those handy walking bridges, too. If you want to hop on over to Javier’s (or anything on Knox really), it’s a real quick walk at a brisk pace. Or maybe you throw back your Thursday and rollerblade? It’s your elbow-padded world. We’re just living in it. 

How can Murray be so sure this house would snag a cool mill? Well, for starters, it was built in 2017 by custom builder (and obvious perfectionist) Jeff Baron. The details he added to this house are everything you could want in a modern home. And yet, the exterior – complete with a chimney patch of herringbone brick – blends right into the neighborhood. Which is, and we can’t overstate this enough, DELIGHTFUL.

On the inside, all the usual modern suspects are there. An open floor plan, a soft, neutral color palette, a master bathroom that’s just begging for a soothing soundtrack, possibly something with an oboe. 

As for the interior details, they are a-plenty. Even though it’s an open floor plan, it’s designed in a way where every space is defined. All the neutral palette balances well with the contrasting crown moulding and window casings. It’s a rich look for a rich house. There are also blackout shades on every window and since it’s new construction, it’s much better insulated against the sounds of the intersection. 

If you’re looking at these pictures and your jaw isn’t dropping, what’s up with that? We kid. It’s a stunning house and the interior design just adds to it. Carefully crafted by decorator Bonnie Jones, the furnishings obviously don’t come with the house, but if you make 5130 Monticello your own, we’re pretty sure you could give her a jingle and for a small fee, she’ll come right over. 

Murray has this 2,800 square foot, four-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-story, two-car garage, Modern Tudor listed at $775,000. Give her a call if you’d like to take a look. 


Nikki Barringer

Nikki Lott Barringer is a licensed real estate agent at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. She’s also a freelance writer that loves interior design and architecture. Though she will never remember if it’s Midcentury or mid-century and honestly, she’s okay with that. Other fun facts: Nikki loves cake for breakfast, shopping online, and powerwalking her pants off. She’s also much younger than her hobbies would lead you to believe.

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