This La Cantera Home Will Exceed Your ‘Must-Have’ Checklist

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This La Cantera home will cause your ‘must-have’ list to expand. (Photos: Tourmax Real Estate Media)

We all have our checklist for items in a home right? Certainly we have an idea of the main things we want — and thanks to so many real estate reality shows on TV these days, we probably have those “pie in the sky” lists as well.

What’s On Your Checklist?

Aside from the standard items (I call those the “must-haves”) on your home checklist — open floor plan, room to grow, elegant bathroom, gourmet kitchen — what are those fun items that would make a home a dream home?

what's on your checklist?
These days, just about everyone has open-concept floor plan, soft colors, and plenty of natural light on their checklist, which is good because 5209 W. Verde Circle has those items!

Craft room? Second kitchen? Second laundry? Media room? Gameroom? Private outdoor living? Pool? Workout room? Low-maintenance yard? There are no wrong answers.

The cool thing about having a list is that everyone’s is different … and the list can change at a moment’s notice. But it’s good to always have a list and a dream.

Do you have multiple outdoor entertaining areas on your checklist?

La Cantera Dream Home

If you need help with ideas of what you can put on your mental checklist, don’t turn on the TV, don’t scour through magazines, don’t swipe on your phone. All you need to do is check out the new listing at 5209 West Verde Circle in the La Cantera neighborhood of Fort Worth.

Built in 2019, rest assured that this home of 6,246 square feet featuring five bedrooms plus five-and-one-half bathrooms has plenty of items that you either have or need to add to your checklist.

Is a bunk room on your checklist?

The Essentials

Of course, this exquisite home has the “must-haves” of today’s newer home, including the open-concept floor plan, lots of natural light, stylish colors, tiles and other materials, large closets, amazing bathrooms — you know the drill.

A pristine master bathroom is always part of the essentials on the checklist

Not that those essential items should be taken for granted or besmirched. For a home listed for sale $2.2 million you know that those essential items are going to be of the utmost quality and style. This home, built by Integrity Homes, oozes class and elegance. Combine that with extra goodies that might be on your checklist and you have an exquisite home for sure!

Is a beverage area on your “must-have” or “would be awesome to have” checklist?

Are These on Your Checklist?

Now let’s have some fun. Feel free to drool if needed.

How much fun is mowing a yard? I’m not talking about planting a garden or flowers, I’m talking about pushing a mower back-and-forth and taking up a good portion of your day. What if you had a true maintenance-free back yard?

The back yard of this La Cantera home has lush green “grass” 365 days a year with no mowing!

Be sure to add artificial grass to your checklist if it’s not already there! No more weeds, mowing, or grass in your pool like you’ll find at 5209 W. Verde Circle.

How about a workout place? An area that is free of distraction, where you can get your sweat going and have plenty of room to do all those box jumps, burpees, and lunges.

Is a private workout room on your checklist?  What about a sauna?
A workout room with sauna is always a bonus!

Not only does this home have a separate area used as a workout room, it has a walk-in sauna to visit once your workout is over! Of course if you want to cool down after exercise, or swim some laps, your spa and pool is just a few steps away.

Spa, pool and not one, not two, not three, but five outdoor congregating areas!

Kitchen or Prep-Kitchen?

There are so many amazing items that you need to add to your checklist. Make an appointment to see this home because I know I am forgetting plenty of items.

For everyday cooking in the main kitchen

For those entertainers out there — you know who you are — those that like to host holiday fetes and evening socials will love this home as it not only has a beverage room and a gourmet kitchen but a prep kitchen that is to die for.

This is no ordinary prep kitchen that’s for sure.

Complete with floor-to-ceiling pantry shelves, warming drawers, multiple ovens, and a second dishwasher, the prep kitchen will allow you to have those large gatherings and dirty dishes and still have a pristine main kitchen and eating area. Certainly a “must-have” on your checklist.

The checklist (and article) could go on and on with tasty items and features at this La Cantera home. There is truly nothing that was forgotten when this home was built.

This spectacular home at 5209 W. Verde Circle is listed for $2.2 million by Ross Utley of League Real Estate in Fort Worth.


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