Santa Will Have Some Trouble Landing a Sleigh on These Rooftops

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Up on the rooftop click, click, click!

Ho, ho, ho! Santa might have a hard time delivering presents to some of the houses we see. From the rooftop to the chimney, here are some things for Santa to look out for this Christmas:

Santa, please do not attempt to land on this roof! Don’t think those 2 x 2s are going to add much support.

Hopefully Santa is bringing new roofs and a lot more to the folks who are still working to recover their losses from the tornadoes last month. 

Nice gas fireplace in a new construction home,  seems legit.

Oops, sorry, Santa! These new ventless gas fireplaces don’t require a flue. You’ll need some extra magic to get down this one!

On the flip side, Santa and his reindeer would be thrilled to land on this fancy slate roof. You don’t see too many of these around because they are very expensive to install (about $1500/sq ft vs. $200/sq ft for asphalt shingles). A slate roof is designed to last 125 years! They’re much heavier than regular shingles, however to its often best if the home is designed with a slate roof in mind

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