A Cherished Stately Tudor in Hollywood Heights

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stately Tudor

On a leafy corner lot in Hollywood Heights stands one of the most venerable and stately Tudor homes in the neighborhood. I’ve walked or driven by it weekly for years and I always stop and marvel at the craftsmanship. It’s a perfect example of why we should all cherish historic homes.

The magnificent two-story, 2,420-square-foot stately Tudor was designed by the legendary Jon D. Carsey and Robert Linskie, architects who made an indelible stamp on our city. Carsey built over 50 homes in the Park Cities alone. The duo is particularly remembered as the architects of the Bath House and Boat House at White Rock Lake, both built in 1930.

Considering that this stately Tudor was built in 1933, I’d wager a bet Carsey and Linskie were introduced to Hollywood Heights about the same time. They designed this home for Hubert S. Baber and his wife Minnie, who moved into the house in 1936. They raised their only child, Marian Louise, here. Remember this part because you’ll be tested later.

stately Tudor

Hubert was the superintendent of the Medical Center postal substation at 2507 Knight Street, and this stately Tudor was a center of social activity in the neighborhood. The Ladies Auxiliary to the National Association of Postal Supervisors regularly held events and meetings at the house, as did The Fleur de Lis Garden Club. Marian was married here in 1958 to Elzy Ray Brown. I can only imagine how beautiful that wedding was. The family lived in the home, as far as I can tell, until at least the early 1960s.

stately Tudor

Let’s fast forward. Kyle and Samantha (Sam) Barrie purchased this three-bedroom, three-bathroom stately Tudor in 2016. It was love at first sight.

“Nothing was ever done to the bones,” Sam said. “Throughout the years, it’s stayed the same. It’s extremely well-built. When you take time to look at the oversized fireplace, it’s so intricate, and the detail is fantastic. Everything was made with such care. You could never replicate a home like this today.

stately Tudor
The original blueprints hang on the wall in the entry area.

The stately Tudor was selected for the Hollywood Heights Home Tour in 2017. I write the brochure copy each year, so I was thrilled to go inside one of my dream homes finally. And let me tell you, it was much more than I could have ever expected. I can’t do better than my own words for the brochure copy:

This house is an almost period-perfect Tudor. It has original stained and leaded glass windows, wood paneling, vintage light fixtures, and all the requisite nooks and crannies that make these homes so special.

“My favorite aspect of this home is the character,” Kyle said. “You will never find anything like this.”

He’s right about that. Although there are gorgeous historic homes all over Dallas, few can trace their provenance back to the original blueprint book. It has remained with the house, passed down for generations and every detail is noted:

-All leaded glass shown shall be of antique glass and lead, and shall be of designs by Architect or of approved designs.

The original budgets are also included. The mantle allowance was a whopping $100.00.

stately Tudor

Samantha told me a wonderful story when I rang her up yesterday. During the home tour, she saw a woman standing outside looking up at the enormous walnut tree. Here’s where your test question comes in.

Who was it?

stately Tudor

Yep, it was Marian, the woman who grew up and got married in this stately Tudor. She was staring at the tree because her parents planted it to celebrate her birth.

Not much had changed when Marian toured her former home. The bathrooms and kitchen had been updated, of course. But the tick marks in the closet where her parents measured her yearly height were still there. Marian’s height was measured again because you know it will always be her first home.

“It was a beautiful moment,” Sam said. “It just goes to show loving families grow and cherish this home the same way.”

The Barrie’s are going to miss this home, but their family is expanding, and it’s time for another owner to cherish this stately Tudor at 7003 San Mateo Boulevard.

If you appreciate the importance of a historic home, the generational love for it, and the fact you don’t ever, ever paint the trim on a house like this, then give Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s listing agent Bryan Crawford a call. He has this magnificent historic home listed for $715,000.

I promise you that’s an absolute bargain if you know anything about Hollywood Heights!


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