Jessica Koltun: Today’s Real Estate Marketing Demands Better

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Jessica Koltun, a Realtor with The Associates, has found her niche in the real estate industry focusing branding for both new construction and renovations. While she doesn’t miss the chance to swing a sledgehammer, she’s just as passionate about building strategic marketing campaigns for her clients. She leverages her interior design experience, her attention to detail, and her market savvy to give the properties she represents a serious leg up. Of course, it’s taken some trial and error to develop these strategies, and in the process, Koltun has found that Realtors often lack the tools to really make the most of their marketing efforts. 

Right now, her work with Kalterra Court really speaks to that experience. It’s fresh and exciting, and considering how many properties we see on a weekly basis, that’s saying something.

Want to revamp your marketing strategy? Ready to take your listings to the next level? Here’s some sage advice from Koltun:

Eye-Catching Editorial Style Photos

“When listing a designer home, it is important to showcase all of the details and design,” Koltun said. “Standard real estate photos use wide lenses and lights on, which shows the whole space, but sometimes they feel like they already toured the home without ever stepping foot.  For luxury listings, I work closely with a photographer to stage and adjust every item in each shot.  It takes about a half-day as opposed to the typical 30 min real estate shoot, but I think that the photos really evoke the livability and enchantment of the space.” 

Social Media

Everyone is on social media these days and depending on your anticipated buyer pool and property different platforms should be utilized.  I prefer to use Instagram for newer, eye catching homes as it really showcases the photos and hopefully with the editiorial photos as said below will stop the buyers in their tracks.  Facebook groups are great ways to target buyers and when I list a new build/renovation I make sure to post in the design and architecture groups as well for additional exposure. 

Dedicated Website 

The character limit and photo limit in the MLS only allows you to do so much. The website is very important especially with new construction and renovations so you can go into detail as to what has been done and give specifications to showcase the details. I always prepare an update/specification list and attach to the MLS but buyers that are searching sans agent can’t access this information. The website is a great place to reference so that the public can easily access.  I also put additional detail photos on the website that don’t fit MLS criteria that I feel really show off the space. 


“Now that you have social media accounts and website, draw attention and buzz to it,” Koltun advises. “Reach out to press outlets, partner with influencers, post photos to online photo sharing sites — this all creates SEO and when the website is tagged, it will draw traffic back.  The more people that see your listing the better, even if they are not buying they may know someone who is!” 

Koltun also suggests that Realtors adjust their focus. “You can use design sites and partner with other industries to feature your property if it has a beautiful background,” Koltun said. For example, the above feature is about the DIY design element, but domino is a worldwide publication that can give you additional exposure and SEO, she said. “Also, some properties are great for national and international investors and you never know who may come across your reach.”

Think Outside The Box 

“With really difficult properties sometimes you need to think outside of the box to get them sold. If the search for a clean purchase agreement isn’t working, think about who or how else the property could be used,” Koltun said. “While some properties would be great for renovations, in a lot of highly desirable areas, the homes can be the same value as the land, so it doesn’t make sense to renovate at that point because it’s just a teardown. Having a network of builders and investors to go to when you get these listings is really important, especially when you can present them with the numbers and the new list price the property may become more attractive.” 

Additionally, Koltun has marketed a lot located right in the city but on a busy street that might not be ideal for a single-family home or townhouse residences but is an excellent spot for an Airbnb for guests that aren’t concerned about traffic but seek the walkability and central location.

“A listing that went stale and is now active during the slow months that is gorgeous and staged and would make a rental to cover holding costs and/or profit until the market starts to heat up again,” she said. “And then, you can put it back on the market.” 


Joanna England

If Executive Editor Joanna England could house hunt forever, she absolutely would. Instead she covers the North Texas housing market and the economy for While she started out with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, Joanna's work has appeared in The Dallas Morning News as well as several local media outlets. When she's not knitting or hooping, or enjoying White Rock Lake, she's behind the lens of her camera. She lives in East Dallas with her husband, son, and their furry and feathered menagerie.

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