This is the Spirit of Preston Hollow Right Now

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I got around a bit more today with the streets clearing, and of course, like you, cannot believe the devastation.

But I had to share this photo, 7715 Some Street wiped out by last week’s twister.

Question: why don’t we name tornadoes like we do hurricanes? Names would add another layer of information to the warnings, which could waste time with seconds to spare because these nasty buggers come up FAST!  

if we did name them, what would we call the one that hit us October 20?

I would recommend that tornadoes be named after vicious animals and poisonous snakes. A few suggestions would be – Tornado Asp, TornadoViper, Tornado Rattler, Tornado Cotton Mouth. As for vicious animals, I recommend Tornado Hyena, Tornado Lion, or Tornado Black Bear. Any of these would be appropriate names to use.

The spirit of Preston Hollow will get us through this. As one woman told me today, facetiously of course, Preston Hollow will do anything to decorate for a great Halloween party.

And I am so proud of my church, smack in the middle of the destruction: Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church.  Committed to being “the church in the world”, PHPC has sent out more than 100 volunteers, made and delivered more than 5,000 plus meals (!) to emergency crews, first responders, workers, Dallas Police Command, and neighbors in need. Of which there are many, as I saw today.

Other churches have been fabulous, too. Here is one amazing piece of work by PHPC:

Our Sanctuary Choir members mobilized quickly after the storm and were able to replace lost instruments for the 250 students of the Cary Middle School band! PHPC’s Music Director Steve Jobman is also welcoming the St. Mark’s Choir who will be using our Emmanuel Hall for rehearsal this week.

PHPC is still collecting SCHOOL SUPPLIES for Dallas ISD until 12pm on Wednesday, Oct. 30. Please deliver the supplies to the Youth House on church campus, at the intersection of Walnut Hill and Preston. And more:

If you are interested in participating in ongoing volunteer disaster response and recovery efforts, please let us know! Future events and opportunities will be shared on an ongoing basis. Please sign up by following this link and providing your email:

Monetary donations given through PHPC will provide families impacted by the tornado with immediate financial assistance. If your home has been impacted and you would like to find out more information on how to receive assistance, please contact Rev. Kathy Lee-Cornell,, 214.368.6348 ext 124.


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  1. FestinaLente says

    Cute pic, hope the lil one got a lot of takers.

    PS- lions and bears (even hyenas) are not vicious… Everyone’s gotta eat and animals will do what they have to do to stay alive.

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