Bring Your Vision To Life at 961 Peavy in East Dallas

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The fun little house at 961 Peavy Road has an amazing backyard that’s so big it feels like it has it’s own ZIP code. Remember when you were a kid and you got to just run around and play ninjas and all sorts of other made-up games? This backyard reminds us of that. Maybe it’s all the room or the fact that it’s covered in dead leaves because fall was the only time it was bearable to be outside, but either way, it’s awesome.

Hey, let’s get this right out of the way before people go to town, THIS HOUSE ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. It’s painted yellow. It’s bright and sunny and different. It’s perfect for a creative that again, wants to run around and play ninja in the backyard.

The front door is currently painted olive green, but literally one can of paint and a skilled painter and that bad boy can be any color you want. How about a nice deeper shade of royal blue with purple undertones?

Inside, there aren’t a ton of updates and we’re all for it. It’s an opportunity to shape this sweet little house into your own.

The kitchen has a white and green tile backsplash and oak cabinets. Want to update it? Paint the cabinets a matte white or pale gray (don’t roll your eyes at me) and maybe add a cool brass pull in the center of the cabinet. It’s a nice, cute little kitchen so swapping out the countertops wouldn’t be a major pain. Go with a simple Corian Quartz for both value and longevity.

Want to make a bolder statement? Remove the white and forest green, go with a white subway tile (again, no eye rolls) with dark gray grout, swap out the countertops for butcher block, and paint the cabinets a deep charcoal gray to tie in with the grout.

The wood floors are great so that’s taken care of and the bathrooms are updated. You can definitely work with what’s already been done and in this cute little orange bathroom, all you really need is an updated vanity. Find one prefab online, at a local hardware store, or even Ikea for a slick, modern look. 

Out back leading into your little forest oasis there’s a beautiful covered deck with built in benches making it the perfect place to hang when the weather cooperates. The home totals three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1,224 square feet, and full of potential for your design. Bonus? It feeds into coveted Hexter Elementary.

Of course, these are just our ideas, what would you do? Add your ideas in the comments below.

Steve Atkinson with Dave Perry-Miller Park Cities has 961 Peavy Road listed at $215,000. 

Nikki Barringer

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