Worried About Bumps in The Night at Your New Home? Bungalo’s Paranormal Investigators Can Help

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Paranomal investigator Becky Vickers of BECKS Ghost Hunters has been featured on the Travel Channel.

Nothing is quite so unnerving as hearing a foreign sound or a bump in the night in a new home. Even more terrifying is what runs through your imagination when you try to lie still under your duvet, so whatever poltergeist happens to be raiding your fridge and stealing your socks from the dryer won’t know you’re there.

If you want to be 100 percent certain that ghosts don’t lurk in the dark spaces after you move in, Bungalo has a solution for that. As the veil between the mortal and spirit worlds thin, the company, which offers a unique direct-to-consumer iBuyer program, has added a paranormal inspection report to its regular 160-point inspection for the month of October. That means no surprises when Samhain comes around if you close this month.

“October can be an uncertain time in the paranormal world,” says paranomal investigator Becky Vickers of BECKS Ghost Hunters, whose work has been featured on the Travel Channel. “So when Bungalo asked me to offer my unique scientific expertise to inspect their homes for paranormal activity, I welcomed the opportunity. I’m confident the inspections I’ve conducted will help provide Bungalo’s home buyers with some added peace of mind this Halloween season.” 

Buyers in Charlotte, Tampa, and Dallas can breathe a sigh of relief that their houses are clear, as Vickers and colleague Jeremy Rettig of Genesis Paranormal Services inspect electrical fields, unexplained movement, and feelings of being watched. The paranormal investigation report will be accessible to potential buyers, too.

Boo be gone! Becky Vickers of BECKS Ghost Hunters will inspect Bungalo homes in Dallas for paranormal activity.

“At Bungalo, we want our customers to move in with confidence and certainty,” said Bungalo President Deb Bradley. “We inspect each home on our platform meticulously to guarantee zero unwanted surprises, and this October, that includes surprises of the supernatural kind. By performing paranormal inspections in addition to our usual home inspections, we’re giving our buyers added peace of mind knowing that they’re making the right choice with the most important purchase of their lives.” 

Want a guarantee that there are no spectres in your space? Bungalo’s paranormal investigators will look for anything odd, strange or of spiritual significance in each home such as cold or hot spots, unexplained movements, feelings of being watched, apparitions and more. 

 “A big reason I started investigating the paranormal over 35 years ago was to help people feel comfortable and secure with their surroundings,” says Vickers, who will inspect Dallas homes for paranormal activity. “That’s why I’m pleased to be performing in-depth Paranormal Inspections on Bungalo’s homes, so their home buyers can move in knowing they won’t run into any scary surprises.”


  • Hauntings and other paranormal activity aren’t considered “material facts” and therefore not required to share with prospective buyers.
  • Suicide, murder, and house hauntings are considered “stigmatized” information, in which the law is different in each state. 
  • Most states only require “stigmatized” information to be shared if it involved a death caused by the property within recent years or if the buyer specifically asks.

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