Double Duty: Twins Elliott and Alex Perry Live, Breathe, And Build Real Estate 

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Give Elliott Perry, president of Hudson Construction, a call. Anytime. If he doesn’t get back to you within five minutes, he’s either on a plane or something is seriously wrong. “We’re not only client-focused—we’re client-obsessive. This business isn’t rocket science. It’s customer service and hard work.”

According to the Approved Builder, attention to detail is key. So is hiring the very best talent for each project, from architect to designer to project manager.  “New construction is a team approach. You have to take every piece and figure out how to make it all work together.”

Twin brother Alex, a senior vice president with Allie Beth Allman, plays an integral role.  The pair have a special alliance, offering up a unique blend of insight and experience.

“We’re two young hungry guys — one specializing in building and construction; the other, laser-focused on managing people and servicing clients,” says Alex.  “We both live and breathe real estate.”

They credit their strong work ethic to a lifetime talking business at family dinners. (Dad, David Perry, was a top producer in Los Angeles; the pair also have two older brothers.)

“With four boys, you had to fight to get a word in edgewise. While you’re competitive growing up, as you get older, they become assets,” says Elliott.

The twins got their start buying and holding properties, but saw they were losing out financially selling to developers.

“By opening a construction side, we could service clients who wanted to build custom,” says Elliott. (Partner Blake Evenson was an early mentor.) Hudson found its niche in the marketplace, figuring out how to charge less per square foot than other luxury builders. “Our goal was to get from $350 a foot to $200, yet in the end, build a product that was just as good.”

One way is to take advantage of economies of scale. Another is actively embracing new technology to optimize quality and efficiencies. And by practicing total transparency — a company mainstay — customers are able to track, in real-time, exactly what their costs are.

“Our job is to work for the client. You have to be willing to do the work to finish the job, from the day you start to the day you finish,” says Alex.

The company’s robust client roster speaks for itself. Over 15 projects—including both multi- and single-family—are in the works, all located within a five-mile radius.

“What’s nice about Dallas is that it’s a big city that lives small,” says Elliott. And with a variety of styles on every street, there’s the flexibility to be successful building many different types of homes. 

For Hudson, it runs the gamut, from a 12,000-square-foot high rise in Museum Tower (think waterfalls, an orangery, outdoor landscaping brought indoors) to a two-story penthouse in the Vendome (complete with 20-foot steel and glass stairway). Price per square foot—over $1,000. Next on the horizon: a 20-unit Kessler Park townhouse project with units projected to sell in the $1 million range.

“Our clients are a mix—some older, some younger. What they have in common is that they trust our model,” says Elliott. “Ours is a business built on partnerships. You know you’re in the right industry when you love every home you do.”


Fun Facts About The Perry Twins

  • Their grandfather was three-time Wimbledon champion Fred Perry—and the first to hold all four Grand Slam titles (with wins also in Australia, France and the U.S.).
  • When it comes to restaurants and travel, the twins share favorites: Eatzi’s (it takes two minutes to pick something up so they can keep working) and Europe (they’ve been traveling there since childhood).
  • The must-have feature in their respective dream houses: a golf simulator.  Another must: a yard for Waffle, the beloved basset hound that the twins co-parent. 
  • They get mistaken for one another all the time. The easiest way to tell them apart: Elliott’s hair is shorter. 
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