Makerspace in Walsh Makes Learning Fun

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Makerspace manager Scott Sumner teaches residents about a wood carving machine.

It’s summertime!  Time for kids to swim, sleep until noon, and forget everything they learned from the school year, right?  Not so says the creators of the makerspace initiative in Fort Worth’s newest luxury home development of Walsh.

What’s a Makerspace?

According to our friends at, “a makerspace is a collaborative workspace inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools.

Okay, but what does that mean and what does that have to do with real estate?

Bringing the community together and inspiring minds of all ages is the goal of the Walsh makerspace.

The makerspace in Walsh, just 13 minutes west of downtown Fort Worth, is run by Scott Sumner.  His job is to showcase all the amazing ways kids of any age can learn how to design, create and produce just about anything.

“If they come with an idea, we can pretty much make it happen,” claims Sumner.  “We have machines for laser cutting, screen printing, woodworking, sewing, 3D printers and so much more.  My job is to teach everyone what’s available and to explore the possibilities.”

Makerspace in Walsh

For the summer months, Sumner has put together a vast array of classes and programs to teach residents and non-residents of Walsh about the local makerspace.

Residents and non-residents of Walsh recently enjoyed Makerfest

“Hopefully maker space in Walsh can get kids off their phones and interested in other things like 3D printing, vinyl cutting, and woodworking.  We’ve found that these classes are also a great opportunity for parent-child interaction and bonding.”

Getting to use a “laser”

While your Bowtie Realtor was previewing the makerspace in Walsh, a laser engraving class was in full swing.  In attendance were students of all ages interested in engraving logos or designs on glass, wood, or just to see the laser in action.

After entering the data into a computer, Sumner hit “go” and immediately the laser etching machine kicked into gear.  In a matter of minutes, a logo was on a tumbler glass for all to see … it was really cool.

Using Walsh Makerspace

Throughout the summer, Walsh will have events at the makerspace building.  Most classes are part of the monthly homeowner’s association fees and non-residents can use the facilities for a small fee as well.

Learning about robotics is just one of many classes offered at Walsh.

There has already been a CO2 cart class where people worked on a car design then raced them around using small CO2 cartridges.  Upcoming will be a rocket launch where guests will be invited to design and create a rocket and then they will be shot into the night’s sky — something you see plenty of in Walsh.

The hopes of inspiring individuals to use new tools and get creative has already shown payback.

“One young lady learned how to use the screen printing machine and made t-shirts for her friends and family,” explained Sumner.  “Now she is using the Walsh makerspace to start a little business creating shirts and selling them.  Without the makerspace opportunity, her entrepreneurship gifts might not have been realized.”

Aside from etching, printing, and sewing, Sumner said some projects can get quite intricate.

“We had a group come in to use the machines to build a portable deer blind.  They used the saws and machines to build the blind over a weekend.  They created a deer blind that would collapse into a small enough package to transport to the desired location, easily be assembled and easily taken down.  It was pretty impressive.”

The Bowtie Realtor was recipient of the first-ever water bottle thanks to Walsh maker space

Walsh: Fort Worth’s Next Great Neighborhood

Walsh continues to grow as a neighborhood as well.  The first section of Phase I is over 80 percent inhabited and currently, the roads and homesites are being created for the second section of Phase I.  That will consist of 550 more homesites which will be available beginning 2020.

Well, that’s all from Tarrant County Tuesday this week, Dirty Readers.  Thanks for reading and following and sharing!  As always, if you have questions, comments or great ideas for a post … hit me up!

Special thanks to Scott Sumner for allowing me to poke about the makerspace building and ask silly questions, and to Rebecca and Jennie for the tour … next time hopefully the musical playground will be working!

Seth Fowler is a licensed Real Estate Sales Professional for Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth, TX.  Statements and opinions are his and his alone.  Seth has been involved with the home sales and real estate industry in the Fort Worth area since 2004.  He and his family have lived in the area for over 17  years.  Seth also loves bowties!  You can reach Seth at: 817.980.6636 or  If you are looking for a Real Estate Sherpa to help you buy or sell … give Seth a call!


Seth Fowler

Seth Fowler is a licensed real estate sales professional with Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth. Statements and opinions are his own - no matter how correct. Seth has been involved in the home sales and real estate business in DFW since 2004. He and his family have lived in the Fort Worth area for the past 15 years. You can reach Seth at 817.980.6636. Seth also loves bow ties.

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