Andy Bearden: Agents Should Expect More From Their Brokers

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There is a lot of talk to sort through when it comes to “disruptors” in the real estate industry, including the focus on technology and alternative listing models, such as flat-fee listings and or iBuyer sales.

But that’s not where the real disruption is happening — those are just strategies, says Andy Bearden, founder of the Insight Realty Network. The real disruption the industry faces is the seismic shift in the relationship between brokers and producers.

Andy Bearden

Experienced agents are becoming more demanding of value and will not tolerate a broker that cannot deliver simple things like a returned phone call or timely payments. They want brokers who are business partners and are committed to helping them build a solid business. A broker that will help them build wealth so their family can thrive and they can give back to their community.

“I find it funny that some brokerages teach that the key to wealth building for agents is to help the brokerage to recruit,” Bearden said. “The key to wealth building is to get your personal finances in order, run your business like a business, and invest in real estate.”   

Insight helps on all three fronts with the tools, education, and encouragement people need to finally earn what they are worth.  “And we return every call by the end of the day,” said Bearden.

Bearden has the experience to provide those critical assets to agents. He started his real estate career selling new construction in the 1990s and managing new home salespeople. He went on to work with some of the major names in residential brokerage, including Ebby Halliday Realtors and Keller Williams, working directly with Joe Williams and the Ebby corporate office. It was his experiences, frustrations, and lessons learned that motivated him to launch Insight Realty and the Insight Realty Network.

“I left my role as a supervising broker at a very large big box to start a brokerage after seeing the exodus of producers from the large franchises and the opportunity that that provides,” Bearden said. ”They are voting with their feet and saying that want more value for what they are paying.”

Many agents see little to no value in a brokerage brand, the fancy offices, or the franchise fees, Bearden says. “If brand names sold houses, then the most famous brands in the industry would be selling the most homes, and that is not the case,” he added.

“Furthermore, many agents want to go head-to-head with disruptors, but their brokers won’t give them the flexibility.”  Andy said. “Some agents would love to charge a flat fee or rebate a percentage of commission to charity but that doesn’t work in their current broker’s business model. However, it works in ours.”   

Insight Realty Network launched in June of last year and has over 50 agents across the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston regions. The brokerage doesn’t take new licensees, Bearden said, “only entrepreneurs that want to run their business like a business.”

“We’re growing,” Bearden said, “because we’ve struck a nerve with agents.”

Unlike some flat-fee based brokerages, Insight is not a virtual brokerage. Instead, it’s a hybrid business model with central administrative staff officing in downtown Fort Worth and drop-in offices across Texas for agents to stop and use the wifi, make a copy or meet a client at no additional cost.

“The customer we serve is the agent, and we serve clients through them. We want to lower your costs so you can invest in your business, and we can teach you to run your business like a business so you can focus on competing with disruptors and building wealth, not recruiting.”

Find out more about what makes Insight Realty Network a good match for experienced, competitive agents here.

“Agents should expect more from their brokers,” Bearden said. “If they are not getting value, they should walk away and find a broker that will partner with them in business and help them finally earn what they are worth.”

Andy Bearden is the founder and managing broker of Insight Realty Network, a growing real estate brokerage with agents and locations across Texas. Interested in joining? Find out more here.


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