Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight: Haynsworth Custom Homes

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Pierre and Marie Curie, Bill and Melinda Gates, John Lennon and Yoko Ono — these are a few groundbreaking, pioneering husband-and-wife teams with which Jason and Liz Haynsworth could be compared. Though their humble nature and great attitude would keep them from making the comparisons, we’re absolutely thrilled to highlight the dream team that has made Haynsworth Custom Homes the company it is today. 

With 10 years in custom homebuilding under their tool belts, we’re more than happy to give our readers an inside look into what makes the Haynsworth Custom Homes team tick in our Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight.

Get to know Jason and Liz as the CandysDirt.com highlights some of the spectacular members of Dallas Builders Association right here, asking these consummate professionals all about their business as a way to brag on the many quality, trustworthy builders in the North Texas area that can count themselves among their peers in the Dallas Builders Association.

To learn more about Haynsworth Custom Homes, keep reading!

Jason and Liz Haynsworth

What location or area do you primarily build in? What about the location makes it especially attractive?

We live and work in East Dallas, and love being able to contribute to the architectural diversity of this community. Architectural styles are all over the map in East Dallas, and that’s what we love about it – a historic 1920s Tudor can be found next door to contemporary new construction, and it just works.  There’s something for everyone here, and it’s a great luxury as a builder to be able to flex our design muscles and create homes in a variety of styles.

What’s your go-to architectural style? Traditional? Contemporary? Old World? Modern?

Our go-to architectural style is “streamlined traditional.”  Sometimes that takes the form of a clean-lined farmhouse or a “modern” Tudor – whatever seems appropriate for our build site – but whatever the architectural style, we always favor simple, clean lines over ornate or frilly.

How does your company provide value to your clients?

Because we work in the neighborhood where we live, our clients are our neighbors.  We are invested in the relationships we build with our clients, and remain involved with the homes we build and the families that live in them long after the working relationship has ended.  As a husband-and-wife team, we each take an active role in the day-to-day management of our projects. We each provide great attention to detail that shows in our finished products and enables the projects to run as smoothly as possible.  Finally, we are able to collaborate with clients through each stage of the process, from space planning to design to execution. There’s nothing we love more than creating a home that suits our clients’ unique needs.

Have you received any recent awards? What for? From whom?

Our renovation work was featured in the September 2012 issue of Redbook magazine.

Considering the competition, how does your brand distinguish itself?

Each home that we create is completely custom from top to bottom.  It’s no fun for a homeowner to live in a house that’s just the same as 10 others in the neighborhood, and we have no interest in producing the same home over and over again.  Figuring out how to make each project unique is a HUGE part of what we love about this business. We also work with the best trades in the business – it’s true that you’re only as good as your subs, and our subs are superior.  They take as much pleasure as we do in creating a home that will stand the test of time.

What does being a member of the Dallas Builders Association do for you and your business?

If there’s one thing we learned over the past 10 years, it’s that education is key.  The Dallas Builders Association gives us opportunities to educate ourselves beyond what we can learn day in and day out in the field.  

What is the biggest challenge you face in the current market? What are you doing to overcome it?

The biggest challenge in the current market is the skyrocketing cost of homes.  We realize how difficult it’s becoming for people to afford their dream home, so we scrutinize every line item in the budget to ensure that our clients are getting the absolute best value for their money.  A home is the largest purchase our clients will ever make — we are keenly aware of the investment our clients are making when they work with us, and we never take their trust for granted.


Joanna England

If Executive Editor Joanna England could house hunt forever, she absolutely would. Instead she covers the North Texas housing market and the economy for CandysDirt.com. While she started out with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, Joanna's work has appeared in The Dallas Morning News as well as several local media outlets. When she's not knitting or hooping, or enjoying White Rock Lake, she's behind the lens of her camera. She lives in East Dallas with her husband, son, and their furry and feathered menagerie.

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